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Commercial Garage

Commercial garage insurance

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Commercial garage insurance

Commercial garage insurance is aimed at those that provide a car service and repair shop along with a vehicle testing facility. Garage insurance is part of the motor trade industry where this type of coverage will financially protect your vehicle related business.

Who needs commercial garage insurance?

  • Repair and service shops that include large dealerships along with smaller independent repair shops.
  • MOT testing facilities that operate independently.
  • Commercials repair and service facilities where fleets of cars, trucks and machinery are maintained.

What can be covered with commercial garage insurance?

Pay as you go requires the driver to already have vehicle insurance. This can be third party, third party fire and theft or comprehensives. Then the add-on of courier insurance is required.

General coverage will include the building and land on which the business exists. The equipment can be included in the policy so replacement parts and repairs to the equipment can be financially protected. The vehicles owned by the business can also be listed in the coverage and the vehicles of the clients.

What types of coverage can be included in a commercial garage insurance policy?

This is for the vehicles owned by the business or third party vehicles being repaired, tested, serviced or stored there are a couple of options.

  • Comprehensive motor insurance.
  • Third party insurance which covers the repairs to the other vehicle and medical coverage for its occupants when your driver is the cause of an accident. This is the minimal coverage required by UK law..

Compare Commercial Garage Insurance

There are several areas this type of policy will have included with it.

  • Employee liability coverage - covers the cost of the medical bills if an employee is hurt while on the job. This cover also provides funds if an employs files a claim against the business.
  • Public liability coverage - is financial protection if a third party is on your injured on your business premises. It will cover the cost of any compensation the plaintiff might win and the legal cost to fight the case in court.
  • Commercial building coverage -  takes care of the costs of the building if it is damaged by fire, vandalism, storms or other causes where the building itself is damaged and needs repair.
  • Content coverage -  is protection if a vehicle is stolen or the equipment is damaged or stolen.

Compare the costs of commercial Garage insurance

When taking out any insurance policy, it is advisable to get several quotes from different insurance companies. This makes it possible to compare what is being offered in terms of protection and the associated costs of that protection. This allows for an informed decision to be made.

Commercial garage insurance quotes

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