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Petrol Station Insurance & Forecourt Insurance

Running a forecourt and petrol station in the UK is lucrative, as almost every household has at least one vehicle. At the same time, it’s a risky business, exposed to a series of natural and man-triggered damages to persons and properties. Now, even with necessary safety steps taken, there are still hazardous elements that you may not see coming. Here’s where a viable insurance cover comes in. Just like people get insurance for online and retail shops, forecourt insurance is just as important.

What do you need to know about Forecourt Trading Insurance?

A forecourt and petrol station insurance policy covers contingencies and unexpected damages and is a crucial element to consider as an operator in this industry. Firms offering this insurance policy cover possible risks of damage, theft, and loss of your property. Rather than incur the costs of expensive repairs, replacements, and legal claims, this insurance would protect you.

Among, 8000+ petrol stations in the UK, an insurance cover can give you a competitive edge over others without coverage.

What coverage options does a Forecourt Trader and Petrol Station Insurance offer?

Here are the primary insurance policies that a Forecourt and petrol station insurance company may cover;

Fires, electrical hazards, and explosions

Petrol is very dangerous, and petrol stations have a higher risk potential. Therefore, it's a standard coverage option for any firm specialising in petrol station insurance. Such premises can also potentially have electrical hazards to customers, employees, and properties. This policy covers any damage to your business from fire or explosions. Note that while you may be able to save more on your insurance through a higher deductible, you may still incur more when claiming in the event of a fire outbreak.

Equipment losses

As a petrol station operation, you may have a convenience store and a garage on your business premises. These businesses usually have costly equipment like cash registers, refrigerators, and security systems. This insurance policy covers replacement or repair when any of this equipment is lost or damaged.

Adverse weather

Besides fire hazards and equipment damage, adverse weather conditions like lightning strikes can also cause damage. A thunderstorm can trigger a power surge capable of igniting combustibles on your property. As such, it’s essential to have an insurance policy that covers you under these conditions.

Slips, trips, and falls

These accidents are prevalent, as employees or clients may slip and be injured by oil spills and fuel leaks. During winter, vehicles may also skid. Essentially, there are several potential damages to persons and properties. While there are some tips to minimise slips and falls, an ultimate way to protect your business from personal injury claims is to find an insurance firm that provides this coverage

Building upgrades

UK building law usually requires building repairs under specific conditions. You can get insurance to help offset the cost of building repairs.

What's the estimated cost of Forecourt Trader and Petrol Station Insurance?

These insurance policies are often customisable and vary according to your needs and the insurer. You should contact the insurance firm via their contact platforms or on-site. You can compare insurance policy quotes to get better insights.

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