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By Eamonn Turley
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July 2023

Mobile mechanics is different from a traditional garage mechanic because you provide a range of services at the customer's house or if there is a break-down on the shoulder of the road. The mechanic most likely also offer a towing service if unable to fix the vehicle in less than an hour. The types of service provided include start up, break down and recovery, battery charging and roadside assistance. In the garage, you can offer extra services such as regular servicing. For this very reason, mobile mechanics insurance has evolved that lets you pick and match a range of insurance cover types.

What Is Mobile Mechanic Insurance?

The typical policies being offered include the following;

  • Fire and natural events cover is protection against loss or damage to your business contents, equipment, tools, stock and building in case of an explosion, fire, earthquake, impact of falling trees, storm damage or malicious damage.
  • Theft cover is for losses brought about by thieves breaking into your premises and stealing your tools, equipment, content or stock.
  • Public liability is protection if a third party makes a claim against you or your services. This will cover the legal fees and any settlement costs.

The mobile mechanic insurance policy is designed for people who do not buy and sell vehicles and therefore do not need a policy that covers a multitude of different cars you may happen to own over the course of the year.

By obtaining a mobile mechanic insurance policy, you will be provided with cover for driving a customer’s vehicle on the road for testing and diagnosing. This element is referred to as Road Risk Insurance. Another element is public liability insurance, which is advisable for anyone working with the public. This will provide protection against claims that may arise as a result of injury to a member of the public or damages to their personal property. Another popular element is cover for your tools, equipment. Lastly, if you have employees, you will also legally need employer's liability insurance.

How Much Will Mobile Mechanic Insurance Cost?

The cost of mobile mechanic insurance will be determined by a number of factors that determine how much risk you pose to the insurance company. You can in some cases take positive steps that will reduce your risk and as a result be offered a cheaper quote for mobile mechanics insurance. Other factors, for example the risk posed by your age, can not be reduced until you build up a good no claims record.

An insurance company will take some or all of the following into account when calculating the cost of motor trade insurance for mobile mechanics:

  • Age : Your age plays a significant role in determining your insurance premiums. As you should be aware, young drivers under the age of 25, often face higher insurance costs compared to drivers with more experience and few claims
  • Claims History :  If you make lots of claims, expect to pay more for insurance.
  • Security : If you are intending to add cover for your tools and equipment, if you can store these in a secure garage overnight or when not in use rather than in the van
  • Level of Cover : Traditionally third party was the cheapest option, but insurance companies have realised that those take out third party cover tend to be higher risk and as a result this may not always be the cheapest option
  • Full or Part Time :  If you are only providing your service on a part time basis as a second earner, let the insurance company as you may be eligible for part time motor trade insurance, that could help reduce costs.

Steps To Lowering The Cost Of Mobile Mechanic Insurance?

  • Pay Annually  : If you can afford it, it normally is cheaper to pay for insurance in one lump sum payment as opposed to monthly payments.
  • Claims History :  If you make lots of claims, expect to pay more for insurance.
  • Security : Boost security with CCTV, immobilizers, and dashcams. These security measures will help safeguard your work vehicle from theft, malicious damage. The dashcam will provide valuable evidence proving who was at fault in any accident and safeguarding your no claim's history.
  • Don't Over Insurer : Skip cover options that you will not need. For example, do you really need breakdown cover given that you are a mechanic?

Mobile Mechanic Insurance FAQs

If I Only Work Part-Time – Do I Need Insurance?

If you are operating as a business and not a hobby, you will need proper cover to protect yourself and business against third party claims. If you only work part time ask the insurance company if they can provide a pay as you work type policy.

Will My Personal Car Be Covered By Mobile Mechanic Insurance?

Most insurance providers of motor trader's insurance will allow you to include your own private owned vehicles in addition to your work van or other vehicles you own as part of your business, e.g. a recovery truck.

If I have Road Risk Cover, can I drive any Car and be covered?

The idea of road risk insurance is to let the policyholder drive cars that do not belong to them, example to test drive a customer's car or motorbike. This does not extend to any car, for example you could not drive your friend's car using the policy. Refer to the policy, and you will see these exclusions. Another common class of cars that are excluded are supercars. Off course, you can get motor trade insurance that will let you work on supercars, but you need to speak with your insurance company and get permission and pay a much higher premium.

What Is Trade Plate Insurance?

Trade plate insurance enable you to place trade plates on an uninsured vehicle if you wish to move it from A to B on the UK road network. It is an integral part of motor trade business.  It is normally added as an optional extra to motor trade insurance, without which you would need to tax and register these vehicles before taking them out on the public roads.

Can You Get Mobile Mechanic Insurance With Prior Driving Convictions?

The panel is able to provide so-called high risk or motor trade insurance with convictions, but expect to pay more based on how serious the conviction. A few penalty points over a decent period of time should not be an issue.

Polices tailored for your mobile mechanics business needs

The panel include brand names in this sector that include Aston Lark, Nash Warren and DNA insurance. These are specialists in the trade sector and are able to tailor a policy around your needs. The end result should a policy that works for you without having to pay for unnecessary cover options. 

The panel understand the needs of a mechanic that works from home fixing cars in their drive or garage and a mechanic that provides a motorway breakdown service, will have different insurance needs. With this knowledge and experience, you can expect to be offered policy options that meet with your exact requirements

Get Multiple Mobile Mechanic Insurance Quotes Today

To get multiple mobile mechanic insurance quotes, you only need to provide a few basic details such as your name and address and some details of your business, mainly the equipment and tools that you have and their value. This information will be sent direct to a select panel of insurance brokers, who in turn will provide you with individual mobile mechanics insurance quotes. This will enable you to compare multiple quotes side by side and find the broker that provides the level of protection desired, at a price within your budget.

The online application process is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. 

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