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Guide To Motor Trade Insurance For Convicted Drivers

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March 2024

If you need high risk motor trade insurance and have a previous driving conviction, start by comparing the costs from multiple UK brokers. Multi Quote Time works in partnership with QuoteZone who can help you by providing multiple motor trader insurance quotes from a panel of select UK brokers.  The panel will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with a range of quotes for motor traders with convictions. Completing one form will give you access to a select panel of brokers that can advise and assist you in this important step in safeguarding your small or large business. If you have convictions you will need risk motor trade insurance, getting multiple quotes can help you find the best deal in your circumstances.  

Figures released by the Department for Transport show that the number of convictions for road offences are increasing. The figures indicate that more than 5% of the drivers in the UK have penalty points on their licences. 

Take Steps To Reduce Your Insurance Premium After A Criminal Conviction

Speeding and DR10 convictions are common and make you a higher risk to the underwriter. If caught for speeding which is the most common offence then take a speed awareness course. You will still be offered insurance, but the price will be high. When you can show that you have taken positive steps to become a more careful and knowledgeable driver, your premium should start to return to normal.

Positive steps include taking an advanced driving course and taking part in national awareness driving schemes. Agreeing to install a black box to monitor your driving should help lower your future premiums if the data proves your driving should pose a low risk.

Convicted Driver's Insurance For The Following Trades Available

Cover is available for all those that work within the motor trade industry, the panel can also provide competitive quotes for convicted driver van insurance for drivers that use a van as part of their business. 

  • Motor mechanics cover available for mechanics with convictions who are mobile or working from premises.
  • Car valets cover for operating a mobile service or working in their own premises.
  • Drivers who work for a vehicle transporter in the UK and Europe.

Minor Motoring Convictions

The majority of all minor motoring convictions will remain clearly visible to the DVLA for a period of three years from either when the offence took place or from the date of conviction.

Serious Motoring Convictions

The more serious motoring convictions such as drinking and driving charges (DR10) will remain active for a much longer time and can be on your record up to eleven years.

Totting Up Penalty Points

When a driver attains 12 penalty points, their licence is suspended for six months or more. Once the ban is over, the fact that your driving licence was suspended will remain on your record for up to four years. 

Always Declare All Convictions

It is always best to be honest with your insurance provider at all times. Your policy may become invalid if you hold back information. Insurers don’t look favourably on a customer who holds information on convictions back and place you in a higher risk category, increasing your premium costs or being refused cover.

Criminal Convictions

Criminal convictions are relevant when you are applying for motor trade insurance. They should always be disclosed to your broker. Full disclosure is required, the broker will then determine whether they are relevant or not.

Bad Credit History

Having a poor credit rating can make some insurance providers reluctant to take your business, but most will be happy to provide you with bad credit insurance, especially if you agree to pay annually.

Compare High Risk Motor Trade Insurance

If you have any motoring convictions or criminal convictions, and you’re looking to take out a high risk motor trade insurance policy, the best thing you can do is disclose everything right upfront from the very start. This will prevent problems later. If you are not sure, then the absolute best thing to do is ask. 

High Risk Insurance FAQ's

Can I get motor trade insurance if I have a CCJ?

Motor trade insurance for traders with CCJ's is available from the QuoteZone panel of specialist brokers. Having a CCJ will put you in the high risk category and impact on the costs of your premium. Getting multiple quotes may help find the best deal under your unique circumstances. a

Is a driving conviction a criminal conviction?

A driving offence is not in itself a criminal conviction, though it may lead to a criminal conviction. Driving offences fall into two categories, Minor and Serious. Both must be declared when applying for motor trade or car insurance 

Minor Driving Offences :  Examples include using your mobile phone whilst driving, driving without a MOT or going slightly faster than the speed limit. These are normally dealt with by the penalty point system. Whilst classed as minor, they must be declared to your insurance company.

Major/Serious Offences :  Offences such as excessive speeding drink or drug driving can be escalated to the Magistrates and if found guilty will lead to a criminal conviction. These convictions will remain on your record until spent, during which time they must be declared when applying for road risk insurance.

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