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Many car traders and mechanics work from home, the lucky ones have lots of extra space, making working from home the most cost effective way to get started in the car trade or mechanic service business. For some, it may be just a part time activity or a hobby that makes a little money on the side. For others, it is an easy way to start a new business without having to rent out expensive business premises.  Working from home is not only the reserve of the part time many full time traders successfully trade from home

Woking from home car trade insurance options:

Working as a car dealer is a popular full and part time trade, home car traders insurance is available at 3 levels that cover different things.

  • Comprehensive :  Cover for damage caused to another vehicle, fire and theft, plus the car that you are driving. This can be a customer's car or your own business vehicle.
  • Third Party : Damage by other drivers to your car or customer’s cars
  • Third party with fire and Theft : Also covers fire and theft of your vehicle, plus customer vehicles

Can I be a car trader from home?

Most car traders start off working from home without premises, in these circumstances part time motor trade insurance is sufficient. Working as a car dealer without premises from home has obvious advantages, it gives you an opportunity to explore the business without significant overheads and risk. If you find it successful and need extra space, you can then look at getting your own premises or forecourt. Working from home is also an attractive option for mechanics, they will need a good size garage and extra parking space, no need for expensive business premises. Later, as your car dealing business grows, you can consider relocating the business to find a dedicated business park or forecourt.

Car trader is one example of working from home within the motor trade sector other popular work from home trades include Mechanics, Tyre Fitters, Car Valet Service, Mobile Mechanics.

Is motor trade insurance working from home a legal requirement?

If you will be drivings customer vehicles, your business will need a  minimum road risks insurance . This cover 

How many cars can I sell from home?

If you are selling cars from home for profit, the number of cars does not matter, selling for profit will classify you as a car trader. HMRC does not stipulate numbers when assessing whether somebody is actually running a business. Their rules state that anyone who's "sole object of acquiring an asset was to re-sell it at a profit, without any intention of holding it as an investment" is defined as proof of trade. 

Is selling cars from home legal UK?

No special licence is required to deal in cars in both England and Wales. However, in Scotland you will need a licence to deal in cars from home without premises. A full or part time licence can be obtained from your local authority.

Pros and cons of selling cars from home

Working as a trader from home has many attractions and whilst it is associated with younger traders, more experienced traders also choose to work from home in the UK. Whilst the advantages far outweighs any limitations, we have also included some possible limitations below.

Some advantages of selling cars from home

  • Freedom to work flexible hours and saving on fuel and travel associate costs
  • Start up costs are going to much less than having to rent a forecourt o garage 
  • Risk over being overstretched from a finance perspective is greatly reduced, giving you time to grow organically.

Possible downside of selling cars from home

  • Depending on the space available and how you are set up, you may come across as unprofessional.
  • The local Council may impose limitations on how many vehicles can be stowed on your private property.
  • Neighbours, make sure your neighbours have been informed and set up they are okay with your car dealer intentions. If you deal in older cars bearing the scrapper's yard, this may be an issue
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