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Compare Motorcycle traders insurance

Motorcycle traders insurance is specifically designed for those who work in the sector of the motor trade industry where bikes are purchased and sold. There are an array of flexible policies that can be obtained whether you work on a part or full time basis. These are available to those operating from either their home or a garage. This type of policy protects the motorcycles if a collision, vandalism or theft involves one of the bikes.

This type of business operates from a property that must also be protected from the risks to the bikes, building, tools and equipment from fire, theft or vandalism.

Motorcycle traders Insurance is designed to protect bike dealers whose core activities will include motorcycle sales and repairs of motorcycles. It will also provide the essential areas of cover that are needed to protect your business. Motorcycle policies can be arranged on a part-time or full-time basis.

Annual policy renewal time

When it comes time for renewal, do not make the mistake of not taking this opportunity to shop around and compare traders insurance and the various option currently being offered by UK underwriters. Comparative sites can help you do this by circulating your cover requirements to multiple brokers. As these are obligation free, you have the time to search until you arrive at a policy and a price that meets your and budget.

Motorcycle traders insurance Cover available

A typical motorbike traders policy includes the following;

  • Road Risk cover for the motorcycles in stock.
  • Road Risk cover for customer owned motorcycles being repaired.
  • Cover from fire, accidental damage and theft of motorcycles on the business property.

Trusted insurers from across the UK

You can apply for bike cover by filling the form on our website provided by QuoteZone. This information on your insurance requirements will then be sent out to insurance companies in the UK that are eager to cover you. The quotes are free, so you have no commitments to worry about.

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