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A part time motor trader insurance policy is for the professional who buys and sells vehicles, but does not do it as their main revenue stream. It is also referred to as auto traders insurance. Many of them specialize in a particular type of vehicle like sports cars, muscle cars or motorcycles. This type of policy can be tailored made to fit your needs and the operation you have. To qualify for this type of policy at a minimum 1 vehicle should be purchased and sold per month.

What does part time motor trade insurance include?

  • Cover in case your vehicle is damaged in an accident or stolen.
  • Cover for any claims that may arise out of the work you do on the vehicles.
  • Insurance for your customer’s vehicles when you want to road test them.
  • Protection in case the tools or equipment you use are damaged or stolen when the premises are included in the policy.

Levels of road risk motor trader insurance

Motor trade road risk insurance offers the same level of protection as for full time traders, but since the risks are reduced because of the low volume of vehicles you deal with the premium costs are generally lower. The cover comes in 3 levels similar to standard car insurance and include;

Third party only

Meets the minimum requirement set by the UK government. This road risk cover repairs a third party’s vehicle and handles the medical bills of the people in that vehicle only.

Third party fire and theft

This is the same as above plus your vehicles are covered if they are damaged by fire or are stolen.


This cover the costs of repairs for both vehicles involved in an accident and medical bills of the occupants of both vehicles.

All policies can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. When requesting a quote, you will have to provide information about yourself and business. This information will enable the panel of insurance brokers to offer their best quotes.

Saving money on part time motor trader insurance

  • Making your place of business as secure as you can with fencing or have all the vehicles parked in a locked facility. Make use of technology by installing CCTV and alarms connected to the local police station. You should also install security lighting.
  • Pay the premium annually to avoid the interest charges attached to monthly payments.
  • All insurance policies come with an excess, the amount you accept liability for. If you wish this could be increased to a larger amount, leading to a lower quote for the premium.

How much will a part time motor trader insurance policy cost?

The price of a part time traders insurance policy will depend on many factors. Age is going at the top of the list as you will find the motor trader insurance under 25 can be the most expensive. The second biggest factor can be the level and extent of cover that you require. Opting for the highest levels of cover is good when you make a claim, but you need to ask yourself is it worth the extra expense.

How do I quality for part time motor trader insurance?

To obtain a motor trade insurance policy you will need to prove that you are indeed an official motor trader. Providing evidence such as invoices and receipts is the most common practice. Genuine traders will have no trouble doing this.

Compare the cost of part time motor trader Insurance

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