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Having access to multiple trade van insurance quotes has now been simplified by selecting GET A QUOTE and complete one simple online form. Your trade van requirements will be sent automatically to a panel of UK insurance brokers that deal exclusively in van trader insurance. Multi Quote Time works in partnership with Quote Zone who can help you by providing multiple van trader insurance quotes from a panel of select UK brokers. Once submitted you will be contacted via telephone by specialist motor trade insurance brokers proving you with a quote that is specific to van trading business. Quotes are also available for traders with previous motoring convictions.

Van Trader Insurance UK

Whether you need to insure a small or large work van or a mini fleet, our insurance brokers have access to multiple insurance companies that can provide quotes.

What is trade van Insurance?

Trade van cover is a commercial vehicle insurance policy. It is for the tradesmen who use their van as a mobile workshop. It is also for when a van is used as a commuter to go to work. There are three levels of cover.

  • Third party only is the minimum level required by UK law. This repairs and provides funds for the medical bills for the other vehicle when you are at fault in an accident.
  • Third party fire and theft is the same as third party with the additional protection for repairs to your vehicle if it is damaged by fire or if it is stolen.
  • Comprehensive cover handles the repairs and medical bills of all parties involved in an accident.

Are there any additional types of cover?

Yes, there are several add-ons a van owner can have to add more protection.

Content cover is protection if the tools and or supplies being hauled around in the van are stolen or damaged in an accident.

Breakdown cover provides assistance when the van is no longer operational when on the road. Assistance will be sent to the location of the breakdown so that the van can be repaired or towed to a repair facility.

The panel of select UK brokers can provide trade van cover that will fit your needs. This is done by offering custom quotes meeting the needs of the client. Simply complete an easy online to get quotes from a select panel of underwriters. This requires a few details about yourself and the type of trade van cover so that an accurate set of quotes can be sent to your email box.

Compare van trader insurance with multi broker quotes

When comparing broker premium quotes for trade van insurance, check for any additional reason for booking with a particular supplier, as some offer incentives or for first time customers.

  • Does the van insurance broker offer any guarantee on the quality of repairs made when you file a claim?
  • Do they provide 24/7 claims helpline?
  • If you have more than one mobile work minivan on the road, do they offer any discount for multi van insurance?
  • The installing of safety and theft deterrent systems reduce the annual cost of the premiums by many insurers.

How can I save money on trade van insurance?

The best way to reduce the cost of trade van insurance is to always park the van in a protected area when not in use. This should be off the street and in a locked facility like a garage or shed.

Many insurance companies also provide a discount for vans that have the companies trade name on the side. This makes the van’s appearance unique so that it can easily be identified if it is stolen.

Pay the insurance premium on an annual basis will help avoid the interest rates associated with making a monthly payment.

By obtaining multiple quotes, the van trader can compare what multiple insurance companies offers along with their costs. This makes it easier to get the cover you need at the cost you can afford.

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