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Guide To Vehicle Transportation Insurance

Vehicle transportation insurance, sometimes called car transportation insurance, is a type of motor trade insurance that protects businesses that move cars from one place to another. This insurance policy differs from standard car insurance and offers specialised coverage against loss, damage or liability claims that may arise while vehicles are in transit.

As a vehicle transporter, goods in transit insurance is essential because of the risks associated with your time on the road and the high-worth cars you move across different locations.  This type of insurance is suitable for anyone in the motor trade industry and may require additional cover options like employers’ liability, which will depend on the nature and size of your business.

What risks are covered by car transport insurance?

If you are in the Motor Trade or the Vehicle Recovery trade dealing with the transportation of vehicles then having appropriate and low cost Motor Trade Goods in Transit insurance is vital to protect you.

Most insurance providers allow you to tailor your policy to suit your unique business needs. Although coverage varies by provider, when choosing your car transport insurance policy, look out for features like:

1. Vehicle transportation liability insurance

There are two forms of liability insurance: public liability insurance and employers' liability cover. Public liability insurance offers financial coverage for compensation payouts and legal fees if you receive a liability claim from a member of the public. On the other hand, the employers' liability insurance covers the costs associated with illness, damages and death caused to your employee due to the services they render to you.

2. Road risk insurance

Particularly, road risk insurance insures you and your employees from losses that may arise from driving a vehicle that doesn't belong to you during business activities. It is required by law for every vehicle transporter.

3. Loading & unloading insurance

If you need car coverage as they are being loaded or unloaded from the vehicle that transported them, then loading and unloading insurance is for you.

4. Personal items insurance

You can go for personal item's insurance to protect the driver's personal belongings that may be damaged or lost during work activities.

5. Own goods cover

To get compensation for your business items that get stolen, lost or damaged during the job, go for this kind of insurance. Items eligible for replacement may vary with different insurers, but the common ones are straps, webbing straps, ropes, trailer curtains and tarpaulin.

6. Goods in transit insurance

This is also called GIT or freight liability cover. It offers protection for damages or losses that may happen to the transported vehicles.

6. Car storage insurance

For vehicle transporters who store cars before, during or after transporting them, this insurance policy will protect against loss, theft or damage.v

6. Business premises cover

This protects your business premises (office, yards, garages) against flood events, vandalism, and fire. You may also include content cover to insure office items and other valuables within the premises.

6.Business interruption insurancev

If your business stops operating because of events out of your control, this insurance offers financial assistance for lost income.

What level of vehicle transporter insurance do I need?

There are three standard cover levels, which include:

Third party

Third-party only - Offers protection for only damages you cause to others by vehicle transportation activities.

Third party Fire and Theft

Third-party, fire & theft - Offers everything in the Third party only cover level and additional protection if you incur losses or damages to your vehicle caused by fire or theft.v


Comprehensive - This cover level includes everything in the third-party, fire & theft level and offers complete protection for you and your vehicle. It may also provides payment for vehicle repairs and replacements.

Is there a way to lower my Car Transport Insurance premium?

  • Pay annually - This payment schedule may allow you to enjoy discounts unavailable in the pay-as-you-go option.v
  • Select Above 25 years Drivers - Younger drivers are considered high-risk and attract higher premiums. Also, ensure that your drivers have good driving records.
  • Improve your security - Use security locks and CCTV to make your premises and working conditions more conducive and secure.
  • Policy Choice - Choose only the policies you need to run your business.
  • Compare quotes - Compare quotes from different providers by conducting proper research or using quote comparison websites to find policies that suit your business needs.

Motor Trade Insurance FAQs

Am I eligible for motor trader's insurance?

  • Must be at least 23 years old
  • Have full UK driving licence 
  • Provide accounting proof that you deal in vehicles with part-time or full time

What Is Covered Under a motor trade Policy?

A standard motor trade insurance policy typically includes coverage for driving customer vehicles, for example road testing customer or collection or delivery of vehicles. Cover in a combined policy will also provide cover for custody of vehicles, and the property that houses the vehicles may also be included.

Can I get cover for Forecourt or motor trade premises?

Most traders unless they operate from home will have business premise a forecourt, MOT station etc. If you fall into this category, then a combined motor trade insurance policy will offer that additional cover for your business premises and contents.

Who is covered under a motor trade Insurance policy?

Any owner of the business or employee will be covered if and only if they are named in the motor trade policy. Some policies are written so that any employee of a motor trade business will be automatically included as a named driver, but there are higher premiums associated with that type of cover.

What is the cost of motor trade insurance?

The cost will depend on a number of factors, some of the more important factors are listed below. Each insurance company will weight these risk factors to arrive or calculate the final premium. As the insurance calculation can be different, it is always important to get multiple quotes when searching for a good deal on any insurance product.

  • The age and driving history of any named drivers
  • How much excess that you choose, a higher excess should reduce final costs.
  • Security measures to keep vehicle sin your custody safe and secure.
  • Your history of claims.
  • Cover type, whether it is comprehensive, third-party only, third-party, fire & theft
  • Business address, if area of high crime can be a negative factor

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Do I Need Motor Trade Insurance?

If you work with vehicles in any form it is likely that you will need motor trade insurance some examples include mechanics, valeters, Car body repair shops, SMART car repair engineers, MOT stations, car jockeys, dealers and vehicle recovery agents.

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