Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Devices Head Sets

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The best motorcycle Bluetooth devices head sets are why we love innovative forms of digital technology. The world is rapidly changing and you better move with it or get left behind in the dark ages with VHS and Betamax. Not only are motorcycle Bluetooth headsets pretty cool, but they are also essential for safe communications when out on the road.

So, what are motorcycle Bluetooth heads sets for? Do you need to buy a set today? And if so, what benefits will you get from them? Let’s explore the interesting world of these practical and innovative gadgets.

Why Do I Need Motorcycle Bluetooth Head Sets?

Motorbike Bluetooth headsets are cool little devices that can be clipped onto your helmet and be used in numerous ways. Riding on a motorbike is fun because you are alone and at peace with yourself and the road, but if you are part of a motorcycle group on the same ride, headsets are essential. You can communicate easily with your fellow group members to indicate which way you all intend to turn or when you are stopping for a break.

If you are riding alone on a long journey, you can use the headsets to listen to music, podcasts, the radio, or take hands-free calls. You can even use it to keep in check with your Sat-Nav system. There are so many reasons to buy motorcycle Bluetooth devices head sets, but communication, media listening functions, and answering your phones are the main three.

Buying the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Devices Head Sets

When it comes to buying the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset device, there’s a multitude of options. But there are generally two design types for attaching them to your helmet. The headsets can be attached via a clamp/clip or by tape, with most users preferring the clamp version as it's more practical and secure. Here are a few things you need to consider before buying one of these products.

Intercom Ranges

If you’re ideally using the motorcycle bluetooth headset for communicating with other bikers in your group, you need models with wide intercom ranges. If you’re simply using it to talk to your passenger, the range is not so important. Smaller motorbike groups on open-country riding excursions are okay with a 500-yard range. Larger groups who especially like city riding would need a range of at least 1000 yards if possible.

The Best Sound Quality

If the main reason for buying motorcycle Bluetooth headsets is for listening to music or talking to your passenger, you might want to get models with the best sound quality. At around 40mph in windy conditions, hearing music or voices on the intercom gets difficult. This is especially true with an inferior set. Try to buy models that have noise-reducing capabilities, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and wind and engine sound reduction.

Let’s take a look at some of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset devices head sets in the marketplace. We have tried out some of the best versions and a couple of budget options, so you have lots of choices.

#1 - Cardo Packtalk Bold Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

When you want the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset out there, not many can match this Cardo Packtalk model. And that’s because Cardo has teamed up with the music equipment manufacturing demigods, JBL, who have designed the sound system for this headset. It doesn’t get much better. This is a dual pack set of 2 headsets that offer the best sound quality of any other model on our list.

It uses its own patented Dynamic Mesh Communication technology that offers a wide intercom range and seamless connections that make it great for group bike tours The wind protection features also give you a crystal clear experience for both communicating or music listening. The JBL sound system really does usurp all the other features and performs well at all speeds.

It’s perfect for music streaming, taking calls, intercom, and GPS navigation. It has Siri/OK Google Voice Activation so you have a total hands-free and hassle-free experience. It’s compatible with both iOS and the Android and the Cardo Connect app, giving you remote control capabilities. It’s also compatible with all helmet brands and types and has a clip-on attachment. This is simply a fantastic motorcycle Bluetooth headset model that never fails to impress.

Average UK Electric Safety Certification Cost:

This Cardo FREECOM Bluetooth Headset model is special. It seamlessly supports driver-to-driver communication and even has four drivers that can be used in a conference setting with a range of 1.2km. It has universal pairing F so you can use it on cross band connections on the intercom. With such a great range and wind noise reduction functions, this classy headset ticks all the boxes.

As with most Cardo motorcycle bluetooth headset, they have in-built JBL sounds systems that really do take the media playback features to the next level. JBL has been a market leader in the electronics industry for many decades and it tells when you listen to music on this headset. Music streaming, intercom communication, taking calls, and listening to GPS have never sounded so great on a motorbike.

It works great with both iOS and Android systems and is compatible with the Cardo Connect app that doubles as a remote control from the headset. You can attach this model to any type of helmet size or brand with a simple clip-on application. The only other motorcycle Bluetooth headset that comes close are other similar Cardo models. It offers the simplest bike riding experience by giving you Siri/OK Google Voice Activation features that allow you to stay totally hands-free in almost any situation. 

This LEXIN Bluetooth Headset is one of the most versatile motorbike headsets I’ve ever worn. It has some cool and unique features that you don’t find on many similarly priced models. The in-built communication systems allow you to share the same music between two headsets when riding together on journeys. It also has an 8-way intercom pairing feature with a 2000 meters range that is perfect for a conference or 8 riders on the same bike tour.

And if you like to ride your motorbike fast, this is the motorcycle bluetooth headset for you because it can work effectively at speeds of up to 120km/h. The noise-canceling features might be the best part of this model, although the Li-ion battery with its 15 hours of continuous play also takes some beating. The sound system might not meet the levels of JBL, but it’s pretty good and works well for music listening, call taking, and using the intercom.

This is the motorcyclist’s perfect headset because it’s 100% waterproof and can handle all weather conditions. The manufacturers state that it can withstand temperatures as low as -15 degrees, but I’ve not attempted that yet. It comes equipped with an interchangeable boom microphone that works well on both flip-face and open-face helmets. In all honesty, it’s compatible with most helmet brands and types. 

This V6 Motorbike Bluetooth Headset allows you to connect 6 bikers at the same time and 2 riders with real-time intercom. It has a massive range of 1200 meters, although it's closer to 800 or 1000 meters where the environment or bad weather interferes. But generally speaking, they perform exceptionally. It’s compatible with most motorbike helmets and is the perfect companion on long bike rides, alone, riding pillion, or even in larger groups.

It connects to mobile phones and even GPS via a solid Bluetooth connection. You can clearly and crisply hear the GPS voice commands or streamed music while driving very fast. It uses advanced DSP noise reduction features to reduce all manner of background noise and works great when taking calls. It eliminates almost 90% of ambient noise at speeds of up to 120kph. This is one of the best motorbike Bluetooth devices head sets you can buy, especially when you consider the amazing value-for-money price tag.

It comes equipped with a powerful 850mAh battery that can last up to 10 or 12 hours when continuously used. It can last up to 400 hours in standby mode. It’s waterproof, durable, easily clips onto the side of most helmet types and brands, and is immensely affordable. This is an impressive motorcycle bluetooth headset that you seriously have to consider.

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