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Bikesure Motorcycle Insurance

Bikesure have been providing motorbike insurance since 1990. Bikesure insurance services aim to have a policy for every category of bike gliding over the UK roads. This includes the stock and heavily modified bikes, along with coverage for riders with tickets and convictions.

Bikesure leads the way in the motorcycle insurance sector. When superbikes gained immense popularity, we were well-prepared with specialized insurance plans tailored for them. Similarly, they were quick to provide insurance for Chinese mopeds and scooters that flooded the market.  Bikesure pride themselves in their ability to provide coverage for any road-legal motorcycle. If you own a unique or unconventional bike, make sure you check out what Bikesure have to offer. 

What types of bikes does Bikesure have policies for?

Bikesure offers a policy for bikes as small as 50 cc up to the monster 2.5L and beyond. This includes policies specifically for classic motorcycles along with modified, super bikes and the standard stock motorcycles such as 125cc motorcycle insurance. They also offer policies for ATV machines, quads and trikes.

What types of coverage are offered for motorcycles?

Like nearly all insurance companies and their representatives, there are 3 types of coverage offered to customers. These includes;

  • Full Comprehensive
  • Third Party Fire and Theft
  • Third Party

Legal coverage of up to £100,000 is included with all policies.

Are there any special inclusions to the Bikesure policies?

Bikesure matches the insurance policy for how and where the bike enthusiasts ride their machines. This includes policies to cover bikes for commuting to work or around town, along with others that enjoy weekend rallies and bike events.

There are policies for stock bikes along with those that have been customized and modified to fit the needs of the riders. There are even policies for those that ride quads and trikes. 

To be eligible for taking out a Bikesure policy, the rider must possess a valid driving licence from the UK or other nations. There are even policies for riders with motoring convictions and criminal convictions.

The people at Bikesure are familiar working with customised bikes, but also customised policies to fit the needs of the bike owner. Options that can be included in a policy include an agreed to value of the customised bike, salvage retention if the bike is written off, zero excess, UK bike breakdown coverage along with key replacement, leathers and helmet protection.

Third Party coverage is available when borrowing a bike owned by a friend. You can also be covered for European travel up to 90 days at one time, not to exceed a total of 180 annually. 

What types of discounts are offered?

Bikesure offers many ways for its policyholders to receive a discount on their premium costs. One or more of the following will help reduce the cost you will apply.

  • Multi bike policies at a discount.
  • Bike Club Members discount of up to 25%.
  • Limited annual mileage.
  • Experienced riders of classic bike discount.
  • Garaged and show bikes.
  • Extra security measures taken including parking bikes in a locked garage.
  • No Claims Discount.
  • Length of ownership discount.


Bikesure has been offering motorcycle policies to the public since 1990. They offer more than 40 different types of policies, so they can match the needs and use of nearly any type of motorcycle enthusiast and how they use their bike. They do have competition so always consider alternative provider that include Hastings Direct bike insurance, Bennets, Just, AVIVA, Bikesure and others.

By matching the policy to how the bike will be ridden, the motorcycle owner only pays for what they need. This is how the premiums are kept low without compromising the quality of the coverage.

*51% of consumers who received a quote for Motorbike Insurance through this service provided by Seopa Ltd. in August 2023 were quoted less than £194.60. The price you could
achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.

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