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Motorcade Taxi insurance 

Since its inception in 1982, Motorcade Taxi Insurance, a brand under Acorn Insurance and Financial Services Ltd, has been safeguarding taxi services across the UK. The company has subsequently grown, establishing a network of six branches across the country. Motorcade Taxi Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for taxi drivers, including private hire insurance, pco insurance, short-term, taxi fleet insurance, and Uber.

Is specialised Insurance Required for my Taxis?

Yes, taxis generally require special insurance known as Taxi fleet insurance. This type of insurance covers the specific risks associated with transporting passengers for hire. It often includes coverage for liability, collision, passenger injuries, and other potential risks mainly for taxi operations. Standard personal car insurance may not provide adequate coverage for taxis due to the commercial nature of the service.

What types of policies does Motorcade Taxi Insurance Provide?

Motorcade Taxi Insurance provides customers with customized policies designed for taxi services, which include:

Comprehensive coverage

Motorcade Taxi Insurance's comprehensive coverage goes beyond basic liability coverage. It typically includes protection against various events such as collisions, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and other non-collision incidents. Some of their comprehensive coverages include:

  • Medical costs up to £100 for both the policyholder and passengers in the event of an injury, with a limit of £400 per incident.
  • Loss or damage to your personal belongings whilst in the car up to £250 per incident.
  • If your car sustains damage in an incident that isn't your fault, you can get up to £75,000 in Legal support. These include expenses like your excess, costs related to a replacement vehicle, alternate transportation expenses, or compensation for property damage from the at-fault party. 
  • Providing lodging support of up to £100 per person, with a maximum claim limit of £250, in cases where your vehicle is out of commission due to a covered incident, and you are over 25 miles from your home address.

Comprehensive coverage

TPTF provides a middle ground between comprehensive insurance and a basic third-party coverage policy. It's important to note that TPFT insurance doesn't cover damage to your vehicle in an accident that is your fault. Motorcade TPTF cover includes:

  • Coverage for damage to third-party vehicles or property, with a maximum limit of £20 million, as well as compensation for death or injury,
  • Car accessories worth £1,000 in case of loss or damage due to fire, theft, or attempted theft. 
  • Maximum claim amount of £75 in case of loss or damage to your child's car seat. 

Third-party only coverage

The UK law mandated this coverage as the minimum requirement. It provides compensation for injuries to others and damage to their property, excluding coverage for damage to your vehicle. Motorcade Taxi Insurance policies third-party include:

  • Vehicle sharing as long as you do not generate a profit from the payments received.
  • A substitute vehicle is provided for a maximum of 7 days following a covered incident.

Moreover, whether you've opted for comprehensive, third-party, fire and theft, or third-party-only coverage for your car, your selected coverage is allowable within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands.

Can I Get Temporary Insurance on my Taxi?

Motorcade Taxi Insurance offers you a Short-term Taxi Insurance policy. This allows you to adapt insurance plans based on operational needs. You can choose policies for a week, month, year, three, or six months alongside your yearly Taxi insurance.

What Range of Taxi Types Does Motorcade Taxi Insure?

Motorcade coverage encompasses a range of Taxi types, including PCO (Public Carriage Office) insurance, minicab cover, and black cab insurance. Whether you operate a private hire vehicle, a minicab, or use the iconic black cab, Motorcade Taxi insurance solutions address the risks associated with your taxi services.

Does Motorcade Insurance offer Public Liability Taxi Cover?

Motorcade offers public liability coverage for your taxi service. This coverage shields you from third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage during your taxi operations. If, for instance, your taxi service injured a passenger or pedestrian or their property, this insurance policy helps cover legal, medical, and property repair expenses. It safeguards Taxi operators from the financial impact of such liability claims.

Motorcade Taxi Insurance Services Contact Numbers

Motorcade Taxi Insurance Services Contact Numbers

Customer Services 0121 425 1020
Email Motorcade at: 0121 425 1020

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