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Self Build Motorhome Insurance

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Self Build Motorhome Insurance

The self build motorhome insurance is a specialty type of coverage that is generally applied to a converted van. These for the most part are less expensive than off the shelf caravans or motorhomes that are for sale.

What is required to be a Self Built Motorhome?

  • At minimum a 6 foot bed. This bed can be the type that will convert to a seat if so desired.
  • A door must be present making access to the living area possible.
  • A water storage tank must be permanently fitted to the vehicle.
  • There must be a dining area with permanent seats and a table. 
  • A bed conversion satisfies this requirement.
  • The table can be on hinges so it can be folded up when not in use.
  • Must have storage space.
  • This can be drawers or cabinets.
  • Must have a permanent cooking facility powered by electricity or gas.
  • microwave
  • Toaster oven
  • Range
  • There must be at least one window in the living area.

What is Required for the New Converted Motorhome to be listed as one?

  • At day 1 there must be 4 photographs of the van before conversion.
  • 2 interior and 2 exterior including registration number.
  •  At 90 days into conversion 6 photographs of conversion.
  • 4 interior and 2 exterior including registration number.
  • At 180 days upon full conversion 6 photographs of finished motorhome
  • 4 interior and 2 exterior including registration number.
  • Vehicle must be registered as a motor caravan with the DVLA.
  • You must have an updated V5C log book.

What type of Insurance is available for a Converted Motorhome?

  • Third Party coverage that covers the other vehicle in an accident. This is the minimum requirement under UK law
  • Full Comprehensive coverage.This covers repairs and medical bills for both vehicles involved in an accident and Personal items can be covered up to an agreed amount for example £2,000.
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Additional Coverage

  • Liability coverage handles the legal fees and court costs if a case is filed.
  • This can be up to  £100,000
  • Breakdown assistances to recover the vehicle when it is stranded on the roadway.
  • Protection if damage is cause while cooking.

Once the van is converted it must be reclassified by the DVLA and be up to their standards and requirements. Failure to do this and the insurance policy will be automatically canceled. When insufficient information is sent to the DVLA, they can just reject your filing or ask for an inspection of the vehicle.

Insurance coverage can begin when the conversion is about to begin or upon its completion. If the policy is taken out upon completion, there will be no coverage during the build and the self build motorhome will not be protected. It will also be illegal to test drive it on the roadway.