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Temporary & Short Term Motorhome Insurance Comparison

Complete one form to get multiple quotes from a panel of specialist motorhome insurance providers. Each one can offer you a tailored quote for your vehicle.  The Quotezone panel of UK brokers can provide short term UK campervan insurance for a few hours to several months or any period in between. 

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Why Choose Temporary motorhome insurance?

If you only use your motorhome a few months each year

There are several good reasons to use a temporary policy instead of an annual one to protect your motorhome. One reason is for the new motorhome owner who just purchased it so that they can drive it home. 

This temp policy is also ideal for the owner who only uses the motorhome once or twice a year. The temporary policy can be purchased for as low as £50, but the average for a few weeks of cover is near £200. An annual motorhome insurance policy will be from £750 to £1,500 depending on the coverage.

Just purchased a new campervan and need cover to drive it home

If your new campervan has finally arrived at the dealership you may need temp cover to drive it home and then finalise your actual long term cover from home giving you time to compare  the various options available.

Short term cover if you borrow from a friend or family

Short term campervan insurance provided  a perfect solution if you wish to borrow a motorhome from a friend or family and at the same time protect their driving history and any no claims discount.  Unlike being add as a named driver, you are taking out a policy in your name, which will have no impact on the policy of the lender.

This policy is not suitable if you are hiring out your vehicle for reward. If you are gaining a reward for lending out your vehicle, you will need a specific type of policy referred to as hire and reward. Check out our guide on hire and reward van insurance for more detailed information.

How long will the temporary motorhome insurance policy be valid?

Each insurance company has their own time frame, but generally this type of policy is made for those who want to enjoy a short holiday. It can be for as little as 1 hour and as long as 30 consecutive days.  

Who would be covered with a temporary motorhome insurance policy?

Any person from the age of 18 to 75 years of age can take out one of these policies. The requirements include holding a valid UK or other country’s driving licence. What should be noted is that drivers from the age of 18 to 24 will have a higher rate than older drivers.

Only the named driver in the policy will be covered under this type of policy. If the operator of the motorhome is in an accident, and they are not the named driver in the policy, the claim will not be honoured.

This type of policy is only valid for motorhomes weighing 3.5 tonnes or less.

Is motorhome insurance required?

All vehicles on the UK motorways have to be insured with a minimum Third Party Only policy. Most motorhome rental companies, including Comfort Motorhome insurance, require their vehicles to be covered with a comprehensive policy, so any damage to their property will be covered in the repairs if an accident occurs.

Common business practice in the insurance industry in the UK is that a temporary motorhome insurance policy is full comprehensive.

What do I need to take out this type of policy?

The following information must be submitted to the insurance broker before a policy can be approved.

The named driver’s information

  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Home resident address including postcode
  • Telephone number
  • Driving license number (a copy also submitted and must have been held for more than 12 months before submission of the policy)
  • Passport number(a copy also submitted)
  • Occupation
  • Email address

Motorhome information

  • UK registration number of the motorhome
  • Chassis number from the manufacturer
  • Engine displacement
  • Owners name of the motorhome and contact information
  • What the vehicle will be used for

What is included in the policy?

With full comprehensive cover, both the motorhome and the third party vehicle involved in an accident will be repaired and the occupant's medical costs will be paid.

The motorhome will also be covered if it is stolen or damaged by a fire that is not the fault of the driver.

This policy can only be used for social, domestic and pleasure use.  The policy will be void if the motorhome is being used for business purposes.

What additional types of cover can be added to a standard temporary motorhome insurance policy?

  • Fire cover can be added for protection if the motorhome is damaged by a fire started while cooking or if a space heater does damage.
  • Motorhome breakdown cover can be added for assistance on the side of the road in case of a flat tire or broken engine belt.
  • Travel insurance so the people in your party will be covered if one or more of them are injured during the holiday adventure.

How can I save money with a temporary motorhome insurance policy?

The lowest rates for this type of coverage are issued to drivers between the age of 25 and 60.  If you are under 25 campervan insurance for under 25's is also available but expect to pay a higher premium as young drivers are higher risk. This named driver should also have no points on their driving record or have been disqualified from driving.

The lower the value of the motorhome, the lower the insurance premium. Many firms cap the value of the vehicle at £25,000 while others have a cap at £75,000.

Only take out the policy for the actual time you will need it. What should be known is that for policies written for 20 days or more, there is generally a discounted premium.

State where you will be travelling to and the expected miles you will be driving as accurately as possible.

Take the policy out in advance of the holiday. If possible, this should be 30 days or more before the planned trip.

There are many good uses for choosing a temporary motorhome insurance comparison over annual cover. If you only use your motorhome for a few summer months, why insure for months that it will sit parked in a driveway

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