Campervan insurance Under 25

Campervan Insurance under 25

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Under 25 Campervan Insurance UK Cost in 2021

Do you remember how difficult it was to get insurance for your first car when you were 18 years old? Younger campervan owners can get similar issues. Under 25 campervan insurance is not the easiest thing to find or secure. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable options, you just have to search around and do your research.

Finding competitively priced campervan insurance for under 25s is not impossible, but the premiums are much higher than for someone in their 30s. Because younger drivers have less experience, they’re considered high risk for insurance companies. And when we take into account that campervans are hardly standard fare, this increases the premiums even more.

under 25 campervan insurance

Enter What does campervan insurance cover? What am I covered against, and why do I even need it in the first place? They are all great questions we will cover below.

What is Campervan Insurance?

Let’s start with the basics just in case this is your first time trying to obtain under 25 campervan insurance. Campervan Insurance is a specifically designed policy dedicated to campervan owners. In some ways, it's similar to standard car insurance but streamlined for the needs of campervan owners. It covers you against accidental damages, theft, fire, vandalism, flooding, and any other types of accidental or injury risks. It all depends on the types of policy you secure.

Do I Need Campervan Insurance?

If you are driving your campervan on the road out in public, of course, you need a solid campervan insurance plan. It’s a legal requirement. And the last thing you need to worry about when on holiday is how you are going to pay for accidents, theft, damages, or any other issues related to your vehicle. You can incur all manner of problems on the road, even if you are a great driver. You never know what’s around the corner, metaphorically or literally. 

Campervans are also extremely susceptible to theft. If you have lots of expensive electronics goods in your campervan or even computers and other devices, a break-in can cause all manner of issues and financial losses. With a solid campervan insurance plan, you won’t have to worry about these issues so much. So yes, you do need campervan insurance, legally for driving on the road, and also for protecting yourself against any unforeseen circumstances.

What Under 25 Campervan Insurance Policies Are Available?

Under 25 campervan insurance policies are the same as any age group. It’s just the premiums that are a bit more expensive. Please see the three main campervan insurance types below, although some policies can be streamlined to include your individual needs as a campervan owner.

Third-Party Only 

If you are on a budget and need to buy campervan insurance, Third Party Only insurance is the minimal policy you can buy. This one just covers your legal requirements. This minimum cover protects you if you happen to cause damage to someone of their vehicle while you are driving.

Third-Party Fire and Theft

This is the most common insurance policy for campervan owners. Although you are not covered against all eventualities, it does cover a lot more than standard third-party-only policies. You and your van will be protected against damage caused by theft or fire, but not for damages incurred in a crash. But the policy will pay out to the other driver in the event of a crash or road accident. It won’t cover your own medical bills though. 

Comprehensive Campervan Insurance

When you absolutely need to be covered for any eventuality out on the road, comprehensive campervan insurance is the best choice. We recommend that you try and find the best comprehensive insurance policies to ensure complete coverage. This is the highest level of coverage money can buy, and it even includes third-party fire and theft. You are covered for fire, theft, and any payouts to replace or repair your van if it’s damaged in an accident. With this policy, you are also covered for any kind of malicious damage to your vehicle from vandalism. 

What Does Campervan Insurance Not Cover?

Now we’ve talked about the campervan insurance policies available and what you are covered against, what are you not covered against? Here are some things that your policy probably won’t cover. However, we always advise that you read the small print on your policy to confirm what you are covered against.

Here are some exclusions you routinely find in campervan policies:

  • Any types of natural wear and tear and depreciation of your campervan.
  • Any losses or damages that come from theft where you accidentally left the keys in the ignition.
  • All damages or losses caused by someone driving your vehicle without a licence.
  • Any damages to your tires caused by braking that results in cuts, punctures, or bursts.
  • Any damage caused to your campervan from animals, vermin, moths, or any infestation.

How Old Do I Need to Be to Get Campervan Insurance?

Under 25 campervan insurance is easily available. Generally speaking, most insurance companies only accept campervan owners over 21 years old. You might be able to obtain a policy if you are between 18-20, but the premiums will be high, and the insurance provider might not accept you. But if you are between 21 and 25, you shouldn’t have much problem obtaining a plan.

Buying Under 25 Campervan Insurance

We highly recommend that you purchase a reliable campervan insurance plan that at least covers fire and theft. Ideally, you’ll purchase comprehensive insurance that covers almost everything. You do not want to take any chances while out on the road. Holidays are supposed to be fun, but not if you are paying directly from your pocket for any damages to another person’s vehicle.

Under 25 campervan insurance might have higher premiums, but what else are you supposed to do? You are legally bound to have insurance for driving your campervan on the road, so make sure you choose the best policy that gives you total coverage. 

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