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Motorhome Insurance Cost UK Comparison

Last Updated 26th March 2022 by Eamonn

Having motorhome Insurance is a legal requirement in the UK because unlike a caravan that has no engine, the motorhome is a self-propelled vehicle just like cars and trucks. This allows for the motorhome to be covered with insurance when travelling the motorways from one holiday place to the next. Motorhome insurance comparison will enable to compare deals that are currently available and come renewal time make a swap to save money. 

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What is the difference between a motorhome and a campervan in terms of coverage?

A motorhome is built to be a self-contained home that can move on its own. In simple terms, it is a home on wheels. They are large and have many of the same conveniences a stationary home has including bathroom, multiple beds, along with a cooking, dining and living area separate from the operator's cabs. 

Campervans are commercial vehicles that are built with some conveniences of home, but rarely a bathroom. They are smaller than their larger counterparts and have the driving area as part of the living area. The most common platform for a campervan to be built on is a panel van. 

What type of motorhome insurance is available?

To be travelling on the roads in the UK, a vehicle must have road risk insurance. This legal requirement is protection if the vehicle is involved in an accident. Just like cars and trucks, there are three basic types of road risk insurance available. 

Third Party Only is basic road risk cover and the minimum level required by UK law. This policy provides coverage for medical bills and mechanical repairs to the other vehicle only when the operator of the motorhome is at fault in an accident.

Third Party, Fire and Theft is the same as above, but with the additional protection for the motorhome if it is damaged by a fire or stolen.

Comprehensive is complete cover and pays for the medical and repair bills for both vehicles involved in an accident, along with protection from fire and being stolen. The additional areas protected will vary depending on the insurance company issuing the policy, but the more common ones are listed below.

  • New for old replacement when the Motorhome is written off, and it is less than two years old.
  • Personal belongings cover for up to £5,000 if they are damaged by accident or fire along with if they are stolen. 
  • Motorhome accessories are protected if they are damaged, which includes awnings and other fixtures like lights and kitchen accessories.
  • European cover so you can travel abroad and still be protected. The time varies, but some provide this cover for up to 365 days a year. 
  • Windscreen and window replacement. 

Is there any add-on cover available for a motorhome?

Motorhome breakdown cover is the most common add-on to a comprehensive motorhome insurance policy. This type of cover has many components to it that can be included.

The basic breakdown cover is roadside assistance. This provides assistance on the road for up to 60 minutes to help with simple repairs like a broken fan belt or a flat tire. If repairs can’t be made, the vehicle will be towed to a repair facility within 10 miles.

With towing, there are options. The basic cover only authorises towing for up to 10 miles from the site of the breakdown. An upgrade for towing cover makes it possible to tow the stricken vehicle to any location in the UK. Overnight accommodation can be included, with the cost per night topping off at £75.

There is also onward travel that makes it possible to continue your journey to your destination, either by car hire or train. Accommodation can also be provided for up to 15 days, with a single night cost topping off at £75.

UK and NI Motorhome Insurance Companies

With the growing demand for motorhome insurance, more mainstream brokers are now providing motorhome cover, including temporary motorhome insurance for UK and NI residents. However, some names such as Comfort motorhome insurance are synonymous with camper insurance, as listed in table of suppliers below. 

ProviderWorthy of Note Get Free Multiple Quotes
Comfort Motorhome InsuranceComfort insurance includes personal effects and belongings and generators (up to £5,000)Compare Now
Saga Motorhome Insurance
lv motorhome insurance

Saving money on your motorhome insurance policy is possible by knowing how you are going to use your home on wheels and stating this usage to the insurance broker before the policy is agreed to. The key is to reduce the risk to the insurance company.

6 Tips on getting the best  motorhome insurance quotes

  • 1. Limiting the annual mileage is one path to lowering the premium costs. With the motorhome being on the road sparingly, the risk is reduced, which will lower the annual premium costs. By setting a maximum number of miles the vehicle will be used annually will lower the risk. If you plan on living in your motorhome, this is only a viable option if you do not plan on moving it much or any.
  • 2. Secure Parking: The storage of the vehicle when the motorhome is not in use in a locked and secure location like a shed or garage is another way to reduce the risk.
  • 3. Annual payments:  Pay your premium annually and not with instalment payments. Instalments have interest attached to each payment, increasing the cost. 
  • 4. Combine Insurance: Combine your motorhome insurance with other vehicles you drive is a mini fleet insurance policy. Please note this is not always the cheapest option, so do also compare against taking our individual policies for each vehicle. 
  • 5. Get Multiple Quotes: Always get multiple quotes from an insurance broker and compare the costs of the premiums and what protection is offered for those costs. 
  • 6. Caravan Club: Joining a club can have the advantage of getting discounted quotes from brokers, make sure you include the fact that you are a member of any campervan club during the quotes process. 

By having the correct level of motorhome insurance, you can have the protection you need at a cost you can afford. By selecting the option you want, you will not have to pay for items you can’t or will not use, which will save you money on the annual premium. 

Motorhome Insurance FAQ's

how much is motorhome insurance

The average price of motorhome insurance is around GBP375 for a motorhome valued under £40,000. The actual price will be determined by a number of factors including the driver's driving history, actual cost of the motorhome and how the motorhome is stored when not in use.

Is motorhome insurance expensive UK

Motorhome insurance on average will be more expensive than car insurance, because motorhomes tend to be much more expensive, and you may also wish to include additional cover for the campervan fittings and contents.

Do I need motorhome insurance?

Yes, motorhome insurance is a legal requirement in the UK and you must have at least third party cover to drive your motorhome legally.

What is motorhome insurance?

Motorhome insurance is a specialised form of vehicle insurance that is required by law to drive on the UK roads. Specialised in that it can also provide cover for your campervan valuable contents.

Is motorhome insurance the same as car insurance?

Motorhome insurance is the same as car insurance as it is a motorised vehicle and by UK law will need minimum of third party cover. However, a motorhome is more than just a vehicle that gets you and your family from A to B it is also a mobile home or camper van with all the amenities of home. The cost to replace all these fittings, gadgets and gizmos will be expensive. A such motorhome polices will let you include these within the insurance policy.

Is there an age limit for motorhome insurance?

Age limits for motorhome insurance are imposed by the actual insurance brokers, some brokers will limit drivers to over 25, whilst others will permit drivers over the age of 21. Upper age limits can also be imposed, with some setting the limit at age 80 and others 75. 

Insurance for over 80s is available, for example caravan guard will provide cover until age 85, but you must have taken out motorhome insurance at age 80 or younger with them. Another example is Comfort motorhome insurance, who claim not to have a general cut-off age for any of their products.

How much is class a motorhome insurance?

A class motorhome insurance is more expensive than lower classes as this is the top tier class of motorhome, but like all insurance you can take steps to lower the annual costs.

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