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A PLAN Guide to Motorhome Insurance

Every journey is a homecoming in a motorhome. As your motorhome saves you on travel and recreation expenses, having a solid insurance plan for your home-on-wheels gives you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy your travels with confidence. Moreover, motorhome insurance often includes liability coverage, which safeguards you against potential legal and medical costs in case of accidents involving third parties.

However, the cost of these coverages may differ for individuals based on age, driving skills, motorhome class, and residential location. Contrary to common assumptions, the most affordable policy may not consistently align with your preferences and needs.

Why Do I Need a Motorhome Insurance?

Motorhome insurance offers financial security for your motorhome in cases of accidents, theft, or unexpected incidents related to the vehicle. Like any motorhome insurance, you can tailor your insurance plans to meet your unique needs with several policies–different policies for different aspects of protection.

However, choosing a policy also depends on your motorhome class – whether it's the luxurious A-class, the smaller travel camper, self build motorhome or the coach-built motorhome. A class-A motorhome owner, for instance, might go for a fully comprehensive policy, which covers damage and injuries in accidents, regardless of fault.

What Coverage options do I have For My Motorhome?

Here are three coverage options you should compare to secure the right policy for your motorhome:v

  • Fully comprehensive: provides extensive coverage for your car, third-party vehicles, and injuries, even if you are at fault.
  • Third-party only (TPO): This covers damage or injury caused to others by your motorhome, but does not cover damage to your vehicle.
  • Third-party theft and fire (TPTF): TPTF provides coverage for damage or loss due to theft or fire to a third party's property only.

It's advisable to review the general conditions, as the least expensive policy may only align with your preferences sometimes.

Tips for Lowering Motorhome Insurance Costs

  • Limited Mileage: If you use your motorhome infrequently, opting for a policy with limited mileage gives you an advantage of getting a lower premium from insurers.
  • Clean driving record: Insurers often reward policyholders with clean driving histories with reduced rates and better coverage options. Practice safe driving habits and avoid incidents that can tarnish your record. 
  • Good Credit Score Counts: A good credit score can positively impact your insurance premium. So, strive to maintain healthy financial practices. Even with bad credit, we can still provide a range of quotes, including car insurance with bad credit and drivers with convictions.
  • Shop around: You should explore and compare insurance options from different providers to find the most affordable motorhome insurance rates.

What Details Are Needed for Motorhome Insurance Quote?

You need to provide the following information to obtain a motorhome insurance quote:

  • Personal Details: This includes your name, address, and contact information.
  • Motorhome Licence Details: Your motorhome has to fulfil the necessary government license requirements. Also, information about your motorhome, such as the make, model, year, and any modifications or special features
  • Usage Information: Highlight your primary use of the motorhome (whether it’s for recreational or full-time living purposes) and the estimated annual mileage.
  • Driver Information: This includes details about all drivers who will drive the vehicle, driving histories, their names, and ages.

Remember that the more detailed and accurate the information you provide, the more accurate and relevant the insurance quote will be.

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