Buccaneer Motorhome Insurance

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Buccaneer Motorhome Insurance

Erwin Hymer Group UK Ltd, under the larger Erwin Hymer Group in Europe, belongs to Thor Industries. Based in Consett, County Durham, their UK plant creates popular brands such as Xplore, Elddis, and Buccaneer, with a wealth of experience spanning 60 years. They sell over 300 unique models through their network of 85 UK retailers, providing a diverse selection of caravans, motorhomes, and campervans.

We can give you access to a panel of specialist motorhome insurance providers that can provide you with cover that can be tailored to your motorhome leisure requirements. They also provide cover for Germany and other European manufactures, including Dethleffs, Chausson, Hymer and Hobby Caravans and Motorhomes

These specialist insurers will provide you with quotes which can include:

  • Generous Limited Mileage Discounts
  • Legal Protection Cover & Cover For Driving in Europe
  • Camping Equipment & Personal Effects Cover
  • Club Members Discounts
  • Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft & Third Party Only Cover

Top Buccaneer Motorhome Models

Some of the popular Buccaneer campervan models include:

  • Buccaneer Aruba: This model is an 8ft wide 6 berth family caravan. It weighs 1980 kgs / 38.97cwt and costs £47,449, which covers delivery, registration, and PDI charges of RRP £750. It comes with an Alde central heating system, GRP sensation high gloss diamond silver sides, and other features for comfort, entertainment, cooking, safety, etc.

  • Buccaneer Barracuda: This is a 4-berth motorhome with an overall height of 2635mm / 8’8” and width of 2450mm / 8’0”. It has an L-shaped lounge with an entertainment centre and a 32” TV at the front, which turns into a double bed at night. In the back, there's a roomy double bedroom with a retractable bed. The Barracuda also has a unique split-style washroom that can serve as either an en-suite or a family bathroom.
  • Buccaneer Bermuda: The Buccaneer Bermuda weighs 1960 kg and can accommodate 4 berths. It has a spacious layout featuring an L-shaped lounge with a 32” TV and a convertible sofa bed, as well as a bright double bedroom with a retractable island bed. It also comes with amenities like the AL-KO chassis, Alde Central Heating System and GRP Sunsation sides.
  • Buccaneer Commodore: The Buccaneer Commodore is a luxurious touring caravan featuring a twin-axle design, a retractable transverse fixed bed, and a spacious lounge separated by a luxurious washroom and shower room. This motorhome is ideal for both couples and families. Additionally, this caravan can be customised through optional extras like leather upholstery, Hypnos mattresses, air conditioning, etc.
  • Buccaneer Cruiser: The Buccaneer Cruiser is a 4-berth caravan featuring an island bed and a fully equipped end bathroom. The bed can be pulled out and placed sideways, with lots of space for clothes and other things in the wardrobe. This caravan can be customised with optional extras like a mobile internet and WiFi system, alternative upholstery, a Two-Bike rack, an external satellite receiver, and more.

Please note, we have only provided a snapshot of the range of models available with Buccaneer. Also note that Buccaneer regularly updates its model lineup, so there may be newer models available beyond those listed above. You can also explore other options such as Fiat Ducato Motorhome, Benimar Motorhomes, and Citroën Campervan, Iveco Motorhome Insurance, Adria Caravan, among others. 

Insurance Savings Tips for your Buccaneer Motorhome

Many people who own motorhomes want to lower their insurance expenses. One way to do this is by making your motorhome more secure, which decreases the chances of it getting stolen or damaged. Here are some simple suggestions to help cut down your motorhome insurance costs:

  • Installing a Tracking Device: A good idea is to put in a tracking device like the SWIFT command tracker used in most SWIFT motorhomes or any tracker approved by insurance. But make sure it's approved by the UK motorhome insurance industry before adding any security devices.
  • Driver's History: Drive your motorhome safely to build a record of no claims. This can lower your renewal costs when it's time to renew your insurance.
  • Age of Driver: Consider having only named drivers who are 25 years old or older on your policy. Campervan Insurance under 25  can increase costs because most insurance companies view them as high-risk.
  • Alternative insurance Policy: If you don't use your campervan often, you can explore alternatives to an annual insurance policy. Think about getting a policy based on how many miles you drive. You might also consider temporary motorhome insurance or a pay-as-you-go policy.
  • Alarm systems: Many modern campervans already have alarms installed, but if you have an older or classic one, consider adding an alarm system to boost security.

These tips above also apply whether you're planning a short break for a Bank holiday or a long summer vacation. It's important to have the right insurance for your Buccaneer Motorhome. That's why getting insurance quotes from different providers can help you find the best deal online.

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