Citroën Motorhome Insurance

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Citroën Motorhome Insurance

Citroën campervan insurance offers a comprehensive range of benefits tailored to the unique needs of campervan enthusiasts. Citroën, the French automobile manufacturer, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1919 by André Citroën. It was founded over twenty years ago, and the insurance policy is designed to provide ideal protection for both self-built and professionally converted campervans. 

We can give you access to a panel of specialist motorhome insurance providers that can provide you with cover that can be tailored to your motorhome leisure requirements. They also provide cover for Germany and other European manufactures, including Dethleffs, Chausson, Hymer and Hobby Caravans and Motorhomes

These specialist insurers will provide you with quotes which can include:

  • Generous Limited Mileage Discounts
  • Legal Protection Cover & Cover For Driving in Europe
  • Camping Equipment & Personal Effects Cover
  • Club Members Discounts
  • Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft & Third Party Only Cover

Top Citroën Motorhome Models

Some of the popular Citroën campervan models include:

  • Citroën Type H: The iconic Type H van, produced from 1947 to 1981, has been converted into numerous campervans. Its distinctive corrugated body design and spacious interior make it a favourite among vintage campervan enthusiasts.

  • Citroën H Van HY: A variant of the Type H, the HY model was trendy for campervan conversions. It has a roomy interior and unique appearance that makes it a standout choice for those seeking a retro camping experience.
  • Citroën C15 Champ: The Citroën C15 Champ, produced from 1984 to 2005, was a compact van that served as a versatile platform for campervan conversions. Endowed with a small size, it is easy to manoeuvre while still providing space for basic camping amenities.
  • Citroën Relay Campervan: The Citroën Relay, also known as the Citroën Jumper or Citroën Ducato in some markets, is a popular choice for modern campervan conversions. Its spacious interior, efficient engines, and reliable performance make it a top pick for those looking to travel in comfort and style.
  • Citroën Berlingo Campervan: The Citroën Berlingo is a compact van that has gained popularity as a base vehicle for campervan conversions. It is renowned for  economical fuel consumption and practical design making it an ideal choice for solo or small-group adventures.
  • Citroën Jumpy Campervan: The Citroën Jumpy, also known as the Citroën Dispatch or Citroën SpaceTourer, is a versatile mid-size van that can be converted into a comfortable campervan. This model has modern features, including advanced safety technology and connectivity options, appealing to those seeking a more contemporary camping experience.

Please note that we have only given you a bit of the range of models available with Citroën. You should also know that the company regularly updates its model lineup, and new models often come up beyond the ones listed above. You can also explore other options such as Adria Caravan, Benimar Motorhomes, Fiat Ducato Motorhome, among others.

Insurance Savings Tips for your Citroën Motorhome

The first step towards reducing costs for most motorhome owners is improving security, which in turn reduces the risk of your campervan being stolen or vandalised. Here are some tips for saving on your Citroën Campervan Insurance:

  • Enhance Security: Improve security to reduce the risk of theft or vandalism. Consider installing an approved tracking device like the SWIFT command tracker, endorsed by the UK motorhome insurance industry.
  • Build No Claims History: Drive your motorhome carefully to build a good history of no claims. This can lead to lower renewal costs when it's time to renew your insurance policy.
  • Limit Named Drivers: Limit the policy to named drivers who are over 25 years old. Younger drivers for under 25 motorhome insurance, can increase insurance costs due to higher risk.
  • Adjust Coverage: If your motorhome is used occasionally, explore alternatives to an annual policy. Consider options like a policy based on miles driven, temporary motorhome insurance, or a pay-as-you-go policy.
  • Install Alarm System: Install an alarm system, especially for older or classic campervans, to improve security. While modern campervans may come with alarms, older models may benefit from additional security measures.

Choosing the right Citroën Motorhome Insurance is essential, regardless of whether you're travelling in your motorhome for an extended summer vacation or a Bank Holiday break. That's why obtaining insurance quotes from a selected group of motorhome insurance companies will aid you in your search for the most significant online price.

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