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Origins Of Comfort Insurance Services

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May 2024

The Comfort insurance brand was initiated by Pat and Peter Cue to fill a gap in the motorhome insurance marketplace in the mid 1990s. At that time, few mainstream brokers offered motorhome insurance in the UK, unlike now.  For Pat and Peter, this was an opportunity to create a bespoke policy aimed at owners of UK motorhomes and campervans.  They quickly earned a good reputation and following within the UK and NI.  They have since added other insurance products that include static caravan, car and household insurance  

Today it is still a family run business that prides itself in good service and quality. This has been recognised by What Motorhome magazine, whom have awarded them the accolade of 'Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year' several times.

It is important to note that Comfort does provide insurance directly, they polices are provided by Victor Millwell or VM Insurance.

Highlights of Comfort Campervan Insurance 

  • Trustpilot rate Comfort as ‘Excellent’ with a Trust Score of 4.9 based on over 7,000 reviews
  • Up to £5,000 personal effects cover for loss or damage to possessions locked in your campervan included within  the standard policy. Exclusions do apply, so read carefully.
  • Annual foreign use insurance cover for motorhome and campervan owners living in the UK
  • Polices include cover for awnings, generators and gas explosions

Comfort Motorhome Insurance Philosophy

The company philosophy is simple - a top quality product backed up by an efficient and customer-friendly service. They focus on being a market leader in their niche and offer polices that are purpose built for the need of those that need motorhome and caravan insurance. 

What Type of Motorhomes Are COMFORT Able To Insure?

Motorhomes can be bought direct from a manufacturer, or they can be built by a coach builder bespoke, and many hobbyists make their self build campervan. The variations in terms of layout and facilities are many and prices can also range from  £30,000 and top £100,000 for a luxury RV style motorhome.

  • Professional Campervan Conversions : These occupy the smaller campervan range and are build from standard van. They can have fixed-roof, rising roof or pop up hi-top. 
  • Coach built Motorhomes : These start off a van chassis and a professional coach building ( van converter ) company will build the motorhome. Two classes overlay and overcab exist in this category.  The over cab will have sleeping space over the cab, whilst the low profile will have a more compact space that can be sued for storage. These make use of the existing cab, unlike the A class below
  • A-Class Motorhomes : This is a total rebuild without the cab. As the original cab is not sued the coach builder can extend the size of the motorhome, these vehicles occupy the top end of the campervan build market.   
  • Self-Built or Privately Converted : These tend to be basic van conversions, for these to be considered a motorhome they must satisfy a list of conditions. Full details in  the self build conversion campervan insurance guide.
  • Race Trucks : These are for the racing fraternity and are designed to transport the racing chicle car or motorbikes, plus have living space. 
  • American RV :  No description needed, other than these oversized RV motorhomes are gaining popularity within the UK.

Comfort offer insurance for all types of caravans, static, classic and towing, plus motorhomes and American RV's. They offer both comprehensive cover and third party polices.  They also provide a range of additional extras that may be added to your core policy. Do some research, on caravan forums to get first-hand feedback and experience from the motorhome fraternity.

Comfort Is One of Few Providers of Self Build Motorhomes Insurance

Many people in search of a campervan choose a self-build option, so they will have a campervan that meets 100% with their specific needs, as an added bonus the cost should be cheaper than buying a bespoke van from a coach builder. Comfort prides itself in providing self build motorhome insurance for self build campervans. Speak with them early in the build process, so they can advise you on the correct process to meet their insurance requirements. Doing so will ensure that getting insurance will not be an issue when the build is complete.

Motorhome Insurance Savings Tips

For many, the first step in reducing cost of cover is improving security and reduce the risk of your valuable motorhome being stolen or vandalised.  A safe motorhome is less risk and will help to reduce the cost of insuring your campervan.  The list below is not exhaustive, but offers some ideas that you can implement in order to further reduce the cost of your campervan insurance. 

  • Install an approved tracking device. These like the SWIFT command tracker work on a subscription basis after paying for the device and installing the tracking device. Some insurance companies, including SWIFT motorhome insurance offer a discount on motorhome insurance if an approved tracker has been installed. 
  • Driver's History : Drive carefully and build up a good history of not making insurance claims against your policy. When renewal time comes around, this will help to lower the renewal costs. 
  • Driver Age : If possible limit any named driver to age 25 or over, under 25 motorhome insurance will drive up the cost as they pose additional risk to the insurance provider.
  • Miles Covered : If, like many campervan owners, you just use your motorhome a few time per year, look at other options instead of an annual policy. Consider opting for a policy based on miles driven. Other options to consider include temporary motorhome insurance, or a pay as you go policy.

Comfort Insurance Contact Details

Address : Comfort House
Goresbrook Road
RM9 6UR.

Email : info

Phone : 0208 9840 666

Motorhome Insurance FAQs

Do I Need Motorhome Insurance?

If you own a campervan or a home on wheels you will need specialist insurance, this cover is not the same as for example private HGV insurance or van insurance as the cover needs to provide cover for how it will be used. In this case for leisure purposes and you will also need cover for the contents and living section, similar to home buildings and content insurance. Motorhomes can be described as any of the following

  • Campervan
  • Day Van or Hobby Van
  • American RV
  • Micro campers
  • Van or HGV conversions
  • Class, A B or C motorhome
  • Self conversion campervan

Is New for Old Cover Available?

New for old cover is more expensive than standard cover, but the advantage is that you will be able to replace your campervan with a brand-new model should the need arise. The claim will only be passed if the vehicle has been stolen and not your fault, or the vehicle damage is so bad that it is too costly to repair.

In addition, this type of cover is normally only available for newer motorhomes that are less than 5 years old and that you bought from new.

The claim process will include an evaluation of the type, make, year, and market value of your motorhome and insurer will replace your campervan with the most recent version of the make. 

What Motorhome Insurance does not cover?

Similar to car or HGV insurance, the purpose of the insurance is to cover costs associated with a loss or an accident and typical exclusion include but are not limited to the following:

  • General wear and tear, damage to wheels and glass can also be excluded.
  • Breakdowns and recovery
  • Lost keys
  • Theft by leaving keys in the cab or ignition or other owner negligence.
  • Using your campervan for other purposes other than leisure, example letting it out for rental. Self drive hire insurance is completely different to standard leisure use insurance. 
  • Damage caused by insects or vermin.

Is There An Age Limit For Motorhome & Campervan Insurance?

Age limits for motorhome insurance are imposed by the actual insurance brokers, some brokers will limit drivers to over 25, whilst others will permit drivers over the age of 21. Upper age limits can also be imposed, with some setting the limit at age 80 and others 75. 

Insurance for over 80s is available, for example caravan guard will provide cover until age 85, but you must have taken out motorhome insurance at age 80 or younger with them. Another example is Comfort motorhome insurance, who claim not to have a general cut-off age for any of their products.

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Services offered by this provider may change over time. Always check Ts&Cs.

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