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Guide to over 80 Motorhome Insurance

Like health insurance, premiums tend to rise as you get older and some provide will even impose an upper age limit. Others will only insure you if you have an existing policyholder turning 80 and above. It is important to-do some research if you are over 70 to select an insurance provider that will still offer you cover at a reasonable rate as you grow older and reach age 80 or above. 

We have partnered with QuoteZone who have a panel of motorhome insurance providers that can provide quotes for seniors, they can provide quotes for all models including the ever popular Volkswagen, Mazda Bongo.   You can compare over 80 motorhome insurance more easily than ever by submitting your requirements to this select panel of campervan and motorhome insurance specialists. 

Over 80 Motorhome Driver on the Increase in the UK

Thanks to advances in medicine we are living longer and according to the Government office of Science we can expect that by "By 2040, nearly one in seven people is projected to be aged over 75" .  The over 60, 70 and 80 represent a growing sector of the lifestyle insurance sector and demand insurance to suit their leisure lifestyle.   More insurance providers are beginning to see this emerging market and now offer cover for over 80's. Unfortunately similar to under 25 motorhome insurance the premiums will be higher to cover perceived additional risk. 

Does Motorhome insurance cost more for drivers over 80?

Motorhome insurance will for most get cheaper as you get older, but at 70 you may find it starting to increase. It is a fact that drivers over 80 will on average pay more for campervan or motorhome insurance than say drivers aged 25 and above to age 70. The only good news, it should still cost less than for young drivers. Why? Elderly drivers are perceived as higher risk based primarily of health concerns. So, even if you have never made a claim, expect to pay more for insurance as you hit 70 and above.  This is also true for car insurance for over 80s, when your 

Does Car insurance cost more for drivers over 80?

Again, the cost of car insurance will reduce as you get older and keep a good history of no claims, but it will start to increase as you reach 70 and above. It is always best to get comparative quotes for car insurance if over 80 or indeed any age. This will enable to compare a range of car insurance providers and help you get a better deal. It may also be beneficial to look at providers like carrot car insurance, who have policies that are based on proving that you are a safe driver. In order to take advantage of a carrot safe driving policy, the driver must install a black box. 

Cutting costs for over 80s Motorhome insurance

However, you can take steps to control the price of insurance as you get on in years.

  • Downgrade to small cheaper motorhome or campervan
  • Choose a pay as you go policy or even consider temporary motorhome insurance, just insure as needed
  • Only add extras if you need them, example windscreen cover may be purchased cheaper direct outside a motorhome policy.
  • Make sure you have installed security devices to deter theft
  • Provide safe of road parking

Do you have to renew your driving licence When you get to 70?

When you reach 70 you must legally renew your driving licence, and continue to renew very three years thereafter. Failure to do so will invalidate your motorhome insurance and may be subject to a driving without insurance offence. It is free to renew your licence, and a form should be posted to you well in advance of your 70th birthday.

Who provides over 80 Motorhome Insurance?

Please refer to table below, some of these will only over cover to over 80s if you have an existing ongoing policy, as mentioned do some research before you reach 80 to select a provider that will continue to provide you with cover in your 80s and beyond.

Provider Min AgeMax Age
Adrian Flux 17No max
HiC (Herts Insurance Company) 17No max
Be Wiser Insurance 21No max
Camping & Caravanning Club Members 2580
Caravan Guard 3580
Saga Policy Holder: 50+, Named Drivers: 30+ No Max
Caravan & Motorhome Club (CMC) 25No Max

Motorhome Manufacturers Insurance

The panel of insurance brokers that we can provide access to are able to arrange motorhome insurance for all motorhome and campervan makes and models including, Teardrop, Hobby, Airstream and Swift and others listed below.

Bedford Motorhome

Dethleffs Caravan

Elddis Motorhome

Euramobil motorhome

Hymer Motorhome

Iveco Motorhome

Mobilvetta motorhome

Benimar Motorhomes Motorhome

Rapido Motorhomes

pilote motorhome insurance

Rapido Motorhome

Rollerteam Motorhome

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