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Pilote Motorhome Insurance

Pilote Motorhome has a rich history in the world of leisure vehicles. They began by crafting caravans initially in 1962 and further refined their designs and construction skills when they built their first motorhome in 1978, which became a testament to their adaptability and innovation. Pilote has a commitment to quality that reflects the diverse range of styles they offer. They have A-Class, over-cab, and low-profile styles, each with multiple models that have been meticulously designed to cater to individual needs.

With an extensive European dealer network, which includes 14 dedicated locations in the UK, Pilote makes it easy for discerning travellers to find the motorhome that suits them perfectly. They have rightfully earned their reputation for creating highly desirable and exceptionally comfortable motorhomes that are a testament to French ingenuity and an invitation to unforgettable adventures.

We can give you access to a panel of specialist motorhome insurance providers that can provide you with cover that can be tailored to your motorhome leisure requirements. They also provide cover for Germany and other European manufactures, including Dethleffs, Chausson, Hymer and Hobby Caravans and Motorhomes

These specialist insurers will provide you with quotes which can include:

  • Generous Limited Mileage Discounts
  • Legal Protection Cover & Cover For Driving in Europe
  • Camping Equipment & Personal Effects Cover
  • Club Members Discounts
  • Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft & Third Party Only Cover

Top Pilote Motorhome Models

Some of the popular Pilote campervan models include:

  • Pilote Pacific/Galaxy ranges: They come in various sizes, from manoeuvrable sub-7-meter models to expansive A-Class options. Pilote Pacific/Galaxy motorhomes are known for their extensive configuration options, which allow for a high degree of customisation.

  • Pilote X-Edition V600G: This award-winning campervan is a great choice for couples. Despite its compact size (under 6 meters), it has a wide 147 cm bed, ample storage, and a well-equipped kitchen.
  • Pilote Atlas A656D: The Atlas A656D features innovative space use and comfortable sleeping arrangements. Its drop-down bed makes it ideal for anyone seeking to maximise space.

Please note, we have only provided a snapshot of the range of models available with Pilote . Also note that Pilote regularly updates its model lineup, so there may be newer models available beyond those listed above.

Insurance Savings Tips for your Pilote Motorhome

This information will help you get the best deals suitable to your motorhome insurance needs.

  • Shop Around and Compare Quotes: Get quotes from different insurance companies that specialise in motorhome insurance before settling for one that suits your budget. Furthermore, understand the motorhome breakdown cover in the UK, as this will help you become more familiar with motorhome insurance.
  • Low annual mileage: This offers your touring caravan insurance a lower premium if you only use your Pilote occasionally. Insurers are keen to give you a lower rate if your motorhome is not frequently on the road. As this reduces the risk of accidents or theft.
  • Safe driving record: Maintaining a clean driving record can significantly reduce your insurance costs. Driving responsibly results in a clean driving record, which may indulge insurers to give you lower insurance premiums.
  • Security features: Having security features like alarms or tracking devices on your Pilote can qualify you for a discount. This will deter the theft of your Pilote, thereby reducing your insurance premiums.
  • Store your Pilote securely: Some insurers will sometimes offer a discount if you keep your Pilote in a secure location, like a secure garage or locked storage facility. This will improve your discount rate, especially when your Pilote is not in use.
  • A good credit history: In many places, your credit score can affect your insurance premium. Therefore, maintaining a good credit history can help you get a lower rate.
  • Consider Agreed Value Insurance: For Pilote motorhomes, especially  the expensive higher-end models, having agreed-value insurance might be worth considering. This type of insurance guarantees a predetermined payout in case of a total loss during an accident or fire outbreak.

Whether you’re taking your motorhome for a Bank holiday break or an extended summer holiday, finding the right Pilote motorhomes insurance for you is vital. That’s why getting Insurance quotes from a select panel of Motorhome insurance providers, will help you on your journey to finding the best online deal,

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