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Guide To Under 25 Motorhome Insurance 

Do you remember how difficult it was to get insurance for your first car when you were 18 years old? Younger campervan owners can get similar issues. Under 25 campervan insurance is not the easiest thing to find or secure. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable options, you just have to search around and do your research.

Finding competitively priced insurance for young drivers is not impossible, but the premiums are much higher than for someone in their 30s. Because younger drivers have less experience, they’re considered high risk for insurance companies. This along with the price of campervans make the premiums more expensive than say van insurance for young drivers or standard car insurance.

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What is motorhome Insurance for young drivers?

Let’s start with the basics, just in case this is your first time trying to obtain under 25 campervan insurance. This type of policy is designed for those of us that own a camper and use it for leisure. In some ways, it's similar to standard car insurance but extended to cover the additional risk associated with owning a camping van/ Most polices will provide cover that may include accidental damages, theft, fire, vandalism, flooding, and any other types of accidental or injury risks. It all depends on the types of policy you secure.

Do I Need Motorhome Insurance?

If you are driving your campervan on the road out in public, of course, you need a solid campervan insurance plan. It’s a legal requirement. And the last thing you need to worry about when on holiday is how you are going to pay for accidents, theft, damages, or any other issues related to your vehicle. You can incur all manner of problems on the road, even if you are a great driver. You never know what’s around the corner, metaphorically or literally. 

Campervans are also extremely susceptible to theft. If you have lots of expensive electronics goods in your campervan or even computers and other devices, a break-in can cause all manner of issues and financial losses. With a solid campervan insurance plan, you won’t have to worry about these issues so much. So yes, you do need motorhome insurance, legally for driving on the road, and also for protecting yourself against any unforeseen circumstances.

What Campervan Insurance Under 25 Policies Are Available?

Under 25 campervan insurance policies are the same as any age group. It’s just the premiums that are a bit more expensive. Please see the three main campervan insurance types below, although some policies can be streamlined to include your individual needs as a campervan owner.

Third-Party Only 

If you are on a budget and need to buy campervan insurance, Third Party insurance is the legal minimum and only covers the other parties. This minimum cover protects you against claims if you happen to cause damage to someone of their vehicle while you are driving.

Third-Party Fire and Theft

This is the most common insurance policy for campervan owners. Although you are not covered against all eventualities, it does cover a lot more than standard third-party-only policies. You and your van will be protected against damage caused by theft or fire, but not for damages incurred in a crash. But the policy will pay out to the other driver in the event of a crash or road accident. It won’t cover your own medical bills, though. 

Comprehensive Campervan Insurance

When you absolutely need to be covered for any eventuality out on the road, comprehensive campervan insurance is the best choice. This is the highest level of coverage money can buy, and it even includes third-party fire and theft. You are covered for fire, theft, and any payouts to replace or repair your van if it’s damaged in an accident. With this policy, you are also covered for any kind of malicious damage to your vehicle from vandalism. 

What Does Campervan Insurance under 25 Not Cover?

Insurance always comes with exclusions, these will be clearly stated in your policy. For your convenience, we have listed below some standard things that your policy probably won’t cover. However, we always advise that you read the small print on your policy to confirm what you are covered against.

Here are some exclusions you routinely find in campervan policies:

  • Any types of natural wear and tear and depreciation of your campervan.
  • Any losses or damages that come from theft where you accidentally left the keys in the ignition.
  • All damages or losses caused by someone driving your vehicle without a licence.
  • Any damages to your tires caused by braking that results in cuts, punctures, or bursts.
  • Any damage caused to your campervan from animals, vermin, moths, or any infestation.

Best Motorhome Insurance Companies for Younger Drivers

A lot of forums try and answer this question, and I think we would all agree it would be difficult to select just one company and label it the best provider of campervan and motorhome insurance for young drivers in the UK. One reason is that we each have different requirements and one provider may differ a better deal, for temporary motorhome insurance for young drivers and another a better deal on an annual policy. As such, we will mention a few of the leading names, and we encourage you to do your own research.  JustKampers and Caravan Guard should both be on your list as they deal exclusively in this nice insurance market, alongside Advance Motorhome insurance, A Plan Insurance, Highway LV Campervan insurance and Safeguard.

Insurance Savings Tips for Younger Drivers

Getting cheap insurance and being under 25 is difficult, as your age is a big factor in determining your risk profile. Whilst you can not do anything about your age we have listed some other steps that may help you find the cheapest option if you are under 25 or a new driver.

  • Tracking Device : Installing an approved tracking device. Example the SWIFT command tracker or any insurance approved tracking device. Before adding any additional security devices, first check they have the seal of approval of the UK motorhome insurance industry,
  • Driver's History : Whilst it is expensive now when you are young over time the costs will come down , but you need to drive your motorhome with care, building up a good history of no claims. 
  • Miles Covered : If, like many campervan owners, your motorhome is only used occasionally, look at other options instead of an annual policy. Consider opting for a policy based on miles driven. Other options to consider include temporary motorhome insurance, or a pay as you go policy.
  • Alarm System : Most modern campervans will come with an alarm fitted, but for an older or classic campervan this should be high on your list of security improvements. 
  • Parking : If able, provide safe off-road secure parking.

How Old Do I Need to Be to Get Campervan Insurance?

Under 25 insurance is easily available. Generally speaking, most insurance companies only accept campervan drivers over 21 years old. You might be able to obtain a policy if you are between 18-20, but the premiums will be high, and the insurance provider might not accept you. But if you are between 21 and 25, you shouldn’t have much problem obtaining a plan.

Compare Insurance for Young Drivers

Motorhome insurance for under 25's will be more expensive as the risk to be covered is higher. Still, shopping around will help compare the various options available for younger campervan drivers. Speak with your broker on ways that you can reduce the cost of motorhome insurance by providing secure parking, installing a black box or possible increasing the policy excess.  

Under 25 Motorhome Insurance FAQs

Does Campervan Insurance Get Cheaper as you get older? 

With age and experience, we present less risk to providers of car and motorhome and bike insurance, and we can expect the cost to reduce. Key stage life are over 50s, over 60s and over70's. After 70 the advantage can to some extent start to reverse as we reach our 80s. Insurance companies recognise we are all living to amazing ages and over 80' motorhome insurance is available, but expect to pay a little more. 

To counter any increase focus on reducing risk as mentioned above in the article, it is also time to consider a temporary motorhome insurance or a pay as you go motorhome policy. 

One exception to this rule can be over 80's home insurance, seniors present less insurance providers, this age group spend more time at home and seniors tend to take security seriously than younger house dwellers. 

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