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Multi car breakdown cover

  • Unlimited call-outs
  • Car breakdown cover for 2 cars and more.
  • Single trip or multi trip
  • Multi vehicle breakdown fast quote
  • Prices from £12.65
  • Cover available for driver and 7 passengers

What is multi car breakdown cover?

By having multi car breakdown cover, a person and or family can always be protected from an unforeseen problem on the road. This assistance with a malfunctioning vehicle can come in two forms, personal and vehicle cover.  Multi car breakdown cover is breakdown cover for 2 cars or more, It can also be a mix of cars, bikes and vans.

This type of cover will assist when a vehicle is broken down on the side of the road and help is needed. The problem can be from a flat tire, broken belt or an unfortunate accident. This assistance is just a phone call or text away. It is available 24/7 no matter where the vehicle breaks down in the UK.

Once contact is made, a repair crew with a recovery truck is sent to the scene of the vehicle in need. The repair crew will work on the vehicle to get it road-ready for up to an hour. If the vehicle can’t be made roadworthy in that time allotment, then it will be towed to a repair garage or the choice destination of the policyholder.

multi car breakdown cover

What is the difference between personal and vehicle multi car breakdown cover?

The difference between personal and vehicle multi car breakdown cover is what is the qualifying factor for roadside assistance.

  • Personal multi car protection means the named person in the policy is provided with this type of cover no matter what vehicle they are operating. This can be their vehicle, a rented one or one borrowed from a friend.
  • Vehicle multi car breakdown protection means the vehicles which are eligible for roadside assistance are named in the policy. This makes it possible for anyone to operate the vehicle and if needed breakdown assistance will be sent to help get the vehicle back on the road or towed to a garage.

Who should choose personal multi car breakdown cover?

This type of insurance is made for the person who owns or drives more than one vehicle regularly. The types of vehicles can be cars, trucks, motorbikes or vans. The distinction here is the person is the qualifying factor, not the vehicle. This way, any vehicle they are operating that breaks down, all they need to do is call or text and receive said help.

Who should choose vehicle multi car breakdown cover?

This classification of protection is made for a family with more than one vehicle and more than one driver. This type of cover will assist anyone operating the vehicles owned by the family that are listed in the policy, independent of who is behind the wheel.

What levels of multi car breakdown cover are available?

  • Basic breakdown cover : his provides roadside assistance anywhere in the UK if the vehicle is stranded at least 1 mile away from the home residence of the policyholder. If repairs can’t be made within 60 minutes on the roadside, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage. Most policies have this limited to about 10 miles. This policy is available to UK residents and is only valid in the UK. 
  • National breakdown cover : This is the same as basic cover but allows for the policyholder to get the vehicle towed to a destination of choice independent of the distance.
  • Home breakdown cover : This includes what is provided in national breakdown cover, but with the removal of the 1-mile away from the home residence restriction. This makes it possible to receive assistance at home, just in case of a dead battery or a flat tire when you wake in the morning. You can have a repair crew come to your home to help get your vehicle roadworthy
  • Onward breakdown cover : This has all that is included in home breakdown cover with the addition of providing either a vehicle for hire to use for up to 5 days or overnight accommodations while the vehicle is being repaired. 
  • European breakdown cover : This is the same protection as national breakdown cover, but is only valid in continental Europe and its outlying islands. This includes towing your vehicle back to the UK if necessary.

Multi car breakdown cover can be made to protect several vehicles independent of who is operating them or provide assistance to a named person in the policy. It allows for each policy to be custom-made to provide assistance that best suits the policyholder, with 24/7 roadside assistance.

Compare Multi Car Breakdown Cover

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