Multi gadget insurance

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Why Multi gadget insurance

Made for the techie with many toys is the latest in financial protection with multi gadget insurance. This cover is useful in providing that safety net needed so the smart gadgets you have can be used in and away from home without worry about damage to them if they break down on you or are stolen.

What types of gadgets can be covered with multi gadget insurance?

Our world today is filled with numerous gadgets that most of us are just use to being around and no longer think of them as new toys, but instead as tools, we use daily. The types of gadgets that can be covered include all Apple i products, smartphones of any brand, tablets, laptops, GoPro devices, PDAs, MP3 and MP4 players, game counsels, digital and video cameras, e-Readers, Kindles and Satellite navigational devices.

How many gadgets can I protect under one policy?

The total number of gadgets you can have on anyone policy will vary from insurance company to another. Many of them permit an unlimited number of devices on one policy. Other insurance companies limit the number to 5 devices.

What protection is included in a multi gadget cover policy?

There are many areas of cover that can be included. The following areas can be found in policies from firms in the insurance business sector. Each insurance firm has its own policy and might not include all the areas, so read the policy carefully before paying the premium.

  • Damage; if your device is damaged by accident, from a malicious act or by coming in contact with a liquid, it will be repaired if possible or replaced.
  • Breakdown; if the device stops working due to an electrical or electronic malfunction, it will be repaired if possible or replaced. This protection comes into effect once the manufacturer's warranty expires.
  • Theft; this type of protection is usually only available for the more expensive or higher tiered levels of cover by most providers. This can be the entire device or an add-on accessory. Only the items that are stolen will be replaced. If a phone is stolen, then the owner will not be responsible for the cost of any unauthorized calls made by the thief.
  • Loss; is another area that requires the policy to be of an upper tiered level and is protection if you misplace your device it is replaced.
  • Cracked screens; this part of the device will be replaced if the crack occurred due to an accident.
  • Replacement time; many policies have a maximum time allotment that the device might be unusable before it is replaced. Most insurers set this time at 48 hours, and the policyholders have a replacement device.

Are there any add-ons that can be included with multi gadget insurance?

For those with gadgets that travel, there is worldwide cover that is similar to roaming for those with cell phones. The limitations of this area of cover can include a time limit which is set to normally 4 weeks. Another limitation is that if the travel itinerary includes a country that is listed as dangerous and travel is restricted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a claim can be denied.

How can I save money with a multi gadget insurance policy?

Saving money is on the mind of everyone, including those that take out insurance policies. For the most part, by making a claim on a policy will result in higher premium costs in the future. Because of that, make sure any claim you make is worth the increase it will cost you in the future.

Limit your exposure to risk that involve your devices. Make sure they are always safe and secure. While accidents do happen, most are avoidable. Damaging a cell phone because it was in your back pocket, and you sat down is carelessness, not an accident.

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