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What is Multiple Property Landlords Insurance?

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Sep 2023

Some insurance firms refer to multi property landlord insurance as portfolio insurance. Portfolio insurance simply lets you insure multiple properties under one policy. By using portfolio insurance to protect your investments, time, hassles and in most instances money can be saved. This type of policy is an organisational tool that can help free up the time of a busy landlord so that they can concentrate on other areas of their estate business. 

Multi property insurance

By having all your investment policies under one single policy, it should be easier to deal with problems, claims and to make the payment to keep it active. We have partnered with Quote Zone to provide you access to a property portfolio specialists insurance brokers that can provide you with comparative quotes for portfolio insurance. 

What Types of Protection does Multi Landlord Insurance Provide?

The same areas of the property are protected just like a typical homeowner policy. There is cover just in case of fire, flood, acts of nature, vandalism and theft. In most policies, this includes building repair or if it is beyond repair, then rebuilding the property and the buildings.

Most include both legal and public liability cover to help protect when there is a dispute with a third party.

  • Landlord buildings insurance : Covers the build cost plus damage to the structure of your building, examples include wall, windows, walls and roofing. 
  • Landlord liability insurance :  Which is public liability insurance against claims for injury or damage to belongings from your tenants or a visit to a property in your portfolio. 
  • Unoccupied property insurance : Rental properties are often left empty between tenancies, and a good multi landlord insurance policy should provide cover when left vacant for extended periods of time. This is particularly true for student landlord insurance and holiday lets. 
  • Accidental damage insurance  : This can normally be added as an option, but will increase the costs of landlord insurance 
  • Malicious damage cover
  • Legal expenses cover

What Types of Buildings Can be Covered by a Multi Property Policy?

A multi property rental landlord insurance policy can be used to insure residential, commercial or a combination of both. 

How Many Properties are Required For Portfolio Insurance

Each insurance firm has its own specific regulation and restrictions, but most allow this type of protection for landlords that own 4 and up number of properties they rent or lease out.

What level of insurance cover do I need?

When it comes to landlord building insurance, the insurance cover should be sufficient to rebuild any or all  properties in your portfolio. As such, it is important that you check that this figure is correct, and it may be worth employing a surveyor to arrive at a rebuild cost for each property in your portfolio and keep it updated.   

What are the Advantages of Having A Multi Insurance Policy?

By placing all of your investment properties under one policy, it will help simplify many processes when having to deal with this type of protection. This includes the following;

  • Time and process for renewal is one easy step.
  • Making a claim on any of the properties will be simplified since the landlord will be dealing with the same insurance representative no matter which property has an outstanding claim to be settled.
  • When paying the premium, most firms provide a discount of up to 15% for each additional building after the first one is covered.
  • The paperwork is all centrally located in one umbrella policy even if each building has different levels of protection. 
  • When it comes time for obtaining a quote, less time will be required. This will also make it easier to compare with other offers.

Can I add More Properties After The policy Starts?

Yes, when a new investment is purchased, it can be added to an existing multi property landlord insurance policy with a simple phone call for most insurance firms. The premium will more than likely also qualify for a discount because of the presence of an existing policy.

How to Find The Best Multi Landlord Insurance Policy

Finding cheap multi landlord insurance should not be the main goal, rather finding the right policy that will protect you, your tenants and the property should be the primary goal. Granted, it is also important to find this cover at the right price.  One approach to finding cheap cover is to get multiple quotes and compare polices and prices to find a policy that provides the cover required at a price within your budget. When looking for this type of cover make sure you check out any deals being provided by specialists in this sector including CIA Landlords insurance , Simple Landlord Insurance and other names that have a strong association with providing landlord multi property insurance.

Is Home Emergency For Landlords Included?

This is normally an optional extra that you can choose to include or omit.  You can also choose to shop around for a better deal on home emergency cover for landlords or take out it a separate standalone policy. 

What is Landlord Liability Insurance?

This element of landlord insurance is aimed at protecting claims made by third parties related to your rental property. The classic example would be a visitor tripping over because of a badly fitted carpet or slippery surfaces. Landlord liability insurance has similarities to public liability insurance, with more of a focus on buildings and properties.

How Much Liability Insurance Should a landlord Have?

As liability claims can be extremely high, we are talking in millions. Most brokers will offer you a choice, ranging normally from £2 to £5 million. It really depends on your individual needs and the broker can be flexible to meet your exact requirements.

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