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Do Nannies Have To Be Insured?

Yes, as a nanny is employed by the family, the family will need to arrange employer's liability insurance for the nanny. This is a legal requirement in the UK, the same with any kind of contract of employment. Nannies will need to be insured by their employers as a bare minimum. This is through employer's liability to protect the employee against injury, illness or other losses.

Being a nanny can be a full on and intense job at times, as kids can have a tendency towards causing mayhem and even well behaved kids can cause accidents. With employer's liability insurance, any losses that the youngsters cause to the nanny will be covered as well as the usual cover that employer's liability provides. 

Not only this, but in many cases, public liability is arranged to protect the family and nanny financially in case there is an accident while the kids are under the care of the nanny that injures the children or causes some other financial loss.   

Many nannies that have been nannying for any length of time will also pay for a public liability insurance policy, which is designed to act as an extension to the home insurance policy of the family, protecting them financially from any damages that the nanny might cause to the children or possessions of the family and so negating any costs that the family might otherwise charge the nanny if something does go wrong. 

What Insurance Does A Nanny Need?

A nanny insurance policy will consist entirely of a public liability section that covers the nanny against many kinds of risks that could arise while the kids are under the nanny’s supervision. The extent of cover isn't the same across different insurance providers, but most will include cover for accidents that involve injury or illness to the children or damage to the property. 

This is crucial for any adult looking after kids, as they are your responsibility while they are under your care, and this means that if anything happens, it’s on your head. Besides being the most sensible course of action, it is also looked upon much more favourably by families looking for someone to look after their children, as it shows a mature and sensible attitude towards their profession and their responsibilities as a childminder. Not only will it save you money and look more professional, it will also help you get more business. 

How Much Does Nanny Insurance Cost?

The cost of nanny insurance, like any insurance, will depend to a large extent on the level of cover required, but expect to pay around GBP170 per annum. Below, we list other contributing factors used to determine the final costs of your nanny car insurance

  • Experience and previous claims history
  • Professional qualifications and memberships of professional bodes including 
  • OFSTED registration, this is normally a prerequisite with most insurance providers.

Do I Need Insurance to be a Nanny or a Baby Sitter?

You do not need insurance to be a nanny, as it is not a legal requirement. However, it is required to become registered with OFSTED plus it will provide any perspective employer with peace of mind and give you an employment advantage over others without this type of insurance.

Will Nanny Insurance Cover Me on the Family Holiday?

Each policy will be different, but most polices will provide cover whilst on holiday, but the term will vary. Expect most polices to provide cover a maximum of 90-day trip outside of the UK and 180 days overall. Please refer to your policy for exact conditions and limits.

Does My Home Insurance Cover A Nanny?

On many home insurance policies, nannies will be covered under the public liability section of the policy, which will mean that a separate nanny insurance liability section of the policy won’t add much cover and will not generally be worth the time or money. This part of the insurance may not be detailed greatly and may be hidden in the small print, so it’s often best to ask the family to check their cover with the insurers to get a more clear picture of what is and isn’t covered. 

It's always important to check this with the family, as some home policies will only provide partial cover for nannies, or none at all, and some homes aren’t even insured. Generally, it's better to be over prepared to avoid any unexpected rainy day expenses, which can be very costly should something serious go wrong. Cover from home policies and specialised nanny insurance policies will usually vary in their level of cover, with many nanny policies covering you for £5m should you need to make a claim. 

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