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Guide to the NIG Home Insurance

NIG, now owned by RSA since September 2023, helps businesses in the UK with their insurance needs. They offer a variety of commercial insurance plans and work closely with brokers to understand each company's specific risks. NIG even has experts who can help businesses identify ways to reduce those risks and keep their operations safe.

What Home insurance polices are available with the NIG?

NIG insurance, just like many other home insurance companies, offers three main types of coverage:

  • Buildings Only: This plan protects the structure of your house, like the walls and roof.
  • Contents Only: This covers your belongings inside the house, like furniture and electronics.
  • Combined Buildings and Contents: This is the most complete option, protecting both your home and your stuff.
PolicyBuildings CoverContents CoverAdditional accidental damage
Business From HomeYesOptional – limit £100,000.Optional
Property OwnersYesYesOptional
Premier Property OwnersYesYesYes

What types of home insurance cover does the NIG?

Policies provided by the NIG include two major cover levels and an optional enhanced cover, namely:

1. Business From Home

The "Business From Home" insurance is ideal for people who run a business out of their house. It is designed to accommodate the needs of professionals and tradespeople who need to operate their business from home.

2. Property Owners

NIG's property insurance is for people who own or manage buildings. This product works for both houses (residential) and businesses (commercial). It covers one property or up to 25 properties in different locations. Buy to let building owners may also benefit from this policy.

3. Premier Property Owners

Premier Property Owners is the insurance plan for medium-sized property portfolios. This plan covers a mix of residential and commercial properties and is handled by NIG's real estate experts in London and Manchester.

What is included in a NIG Home Insurance Policy?

You can customise each of the policy types mentioned above to fit your specific needs. The Policy booklet contains detailed information about individual home insurance policies, making claims, and policy changes. Before choosing any policy, make sure you understand the terms and conditions.

Did you know? Standard home insurance may not provide cover if a property left empty for 30 consecutive days!

Each provider of home insurance will have conditions attached to how long the property can be left empty and still be insured.  For many, it comes as a nasty shock when they realise this.  Check with your home insurance provider, as you may need to take out short term house insurance if your property will be left empty for a prolonged period of time.

Who underwrites NIG insurance polices?

The policies of NIG are underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd (RSA) (with company number 93792). RSA is a major insurance provider with a long history. They've been around for over 300 years and serve millions of customers worldwide. RSA works with brokers, and various insurance brands and even partners with retailers in the UK like John Lewis, Nationwide, and Tesco to offer insurance products.

How Home insurance is calculated and how to save money on the cost of cover

Several things can affect how much you pay for home insurance, even for similar houses. Some things you can't control, like your zip code. Here's what can impact the cost:

  • Where you live: Homes in areas with more crime are generally more expensive to insure. This is because there's a higher chance of needing to make a claim.
  • Security features: Homes with smoke alarms, deadbolts, and other security features are seen as safer by insurers. This can lead to a discount.
  • Past claims: If you've made a lot of claims in the past, insurers may charge you more because they see you as a higher risk.
  • Payment method: Some insurers charge extra for paying monthly instead of all at once.
  • Small claims: Making small claims can actually raise your premium or bring down your chances of getting a discount for not making claims (called a no-claims discount). It might be cheaper to fix minor things yourself.
  • Voluntary excess: This is the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. Choosing a higher excess lowers your premium, but you'll need to have that money saved up to cover repairs.

Compare Landlord Insurance and Home Insurance providers

Shopping around for landlord insurance? Compare different options to get the best deal! Here are some popular providers to consider: Post Office Insurance, Total Landlord Insurance, Bell Direct home insurance, Simply Business, Policy Expert and CIA Insurance Services.

How do I get in touch with the NIG Insurance Services?

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