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Park home insurance is for your holiday home to be safe when you are away. This makes it possible for you to escape the crowded urban area and go for a visit and relax. The use of a park home or as many call a residential caravan has been enjoyed by UK citizens for decades as an escape for the weekend or longer from the hustle and bustle of the congested urban environment gets too much.

park home insurance

What is park home insurance?

Park home insurance is financial protection just like what you have at your primary residence to help cover the costs if a problem or event causes damage. The biggest difference between park home insurance and the policy that protects your primary residence is the park home is not constantly occupied.

What does park home insurance cover?

The park home insurance policy provides financial protection if an unwanted and accidental event causes damage to the structure and repairs or repurchase is needed. There is generally no rebuild of a park home since they are mainly prefabricated homes and purchasing a new or used one by the insurance company makes more economic sense than rebuilding one. The policy will cover the following events;

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Subsidence
  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Vandalism
  • Act of nature

Is there anything else protected other than the structure in park home insurance?

Public liability protection can be  included with a standard park home policy. This is protection is normally  up to £5 million if a third party files a claim that they have been injured on your property or their property is damaged.

The permanent contents of the home may also be covered. This normally  includes fixtures, HVAC units, along with built-in and fixed appliances as with stoves, dishwashers, washer and dryers along with refrigerators. Most policies also include large items like beds, sofas and other large furnishings.

Outbuilding, fencing, awnings and other permanent structures other than the main home can also included as contents.

The replacement of locks and keys is covered by some  policies, normally with an upper limit in the region of £750.

If required, legal cover can be included to provide the funds if a civil case is filed against you or another type of claim where a lawyer or solicitor needs to be hired.

What happens if the park home is destroyed?

When a park home is destroyed by an event like a fire, flooding or other event and is not inhabitable, the debris left behind has to be removed. This debris removal should be covered in a standard park home insurance policy. The cost of resitting a new park home and the reconnection of the utility lines like water, gas and electricity should also be covered. Some policies also cover the transportation of the new park home to a new site.

Are my personal items and property protected?

When the park home is occupied personal items are protected, but during the unoccupied times when you are at your primary residence, they should not be present in the park home and are not covered. Items that have a value of more than £1500 are considered high risk and are rarely covered.

To help reduce the cost of park home insurance, all portable items should be removed from the premises when it is to be unoccupied to reduce the attractiveness to thieves. This should include clothing, cell phones and like items that can be easily picked up and transported back to your main residence.

How long can my park home be unoccupied and still be covered by the insurance policy?

Most insurance firms allow for a park home to be vacant for up to 2 consecutive months and still be covered by the standard policy. Some insurance firms allow for the status of being unoccupied for periods of up to 8 months, but certain provisions have to be complied with for this to be true. If a standard home is vacant for a period of 30 days or more, your home insurance may become invalid. Please check the policy details, unoccupied house insurance is available for house that will be vacant for 30 days or longer.  

A park home insurance policy is not required by UK law, but is required by caravan parks where the park homes are located. Each company issuing this type of policy has its own terms and conditions, but the above is included by most of them.

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