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What is PSV Minibus Insurance?

When applying for minibus insurance, the insurance company will request information on how you intend to use the minibus. How a minibus will be used is an important factor in determining their risk to the insurance provider, more risk, higher cost. For example, a minibus used for family outings will pose substantially less risk than a minibus that is being daily to ferry paying passengers.

If you are driving a minus with 9 or more seats and ferrying passengers for reward, you will need PSV Minibus Insurance or Public Service Vehicle insurance.

We are able to provide you with access to a range of PSV insurance quotes from a select panel of UK brokers. The panel will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with a range of insurance minibus quotes based on your individual requirements.

Minibus Insurance Options

Minibus insurance is available for 4 major uses at the following 4 levels:

  • PSV Insurance:  Also referred to as private hire insurance, taxi minibus insurance or also public hire insurance.
  • Family minibus Insurance or Private use minibus insurance : Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Commuting. This allows you to use the minibus as the family vehicle, but also lets you commute to and from work.
  • Class 1 Business Use
  •  Class 2 Business Use  (allows you to include additional named drivers on the policy).

Who Needs PSV Minibus Insurance

PSV insurance is a requirement for any business that uses minibuses, buses and coaches with at least nine seats to transport paying passengers. For example, if you run a taxi business, airport transfer service or a coach holiday company.

Guiide to finding cheaper PSV minibus Insurance

PSV insurance is not cheap, but it’s possible to reduce the cost of your minivan insurance in a few simple ways.

  • Improve Security : Making improvements to the security of your minibus is a great way to bring down the cost of PSV minibus insurance. Adding insurance approved components such as an alarm,   a tracking device to aid recovery and reduce the risk. Most new minibuses will already have a factory fitted alarm and immobiliser, but do check.
  • Drive Safely : Installing a black box that records the behaviour of the driver or the telematics devices can prove to a perspective underwriter that you or your employees are safe and careful drivers which in turn can lead to lower annual or monthly premiums in future months, conversely if the data gathered shows a picture of an erratic driver then be prepared to pay more for your minibus NI insurance. This method of reducing costs should be agreed upfront with your selected broker and is growing in popularity in Northern Ireland.
  • Minibus Size : The number of seats plays a role in determining the cost of insurance, for example 9 seater minibus insurance will work out cheaper than insurance for a larger 16 or 7 seater minibus. 
  • Compare Prices With Other Companies : Take time to research offers and compare minibus insurance, look for offers or special discounts. Make sure you are not paying for cover that you do not need or can take out cheaper elsewhere. Breakdown cover and windscreen cover are two items that fall into this category.
  • Voluntary Excess : Increase the minibus policy excess as a show of responsibility, in so doing the insurance company should reward you with a discounted premium.
  • Low or no claims: Building up your no claim's bonus.
  • Secure Parking : Provide secure overnight parking.

Levels of Minibus Insurance Available

Similar to car or van insurance, minibus insurance is available in 3 standard levels. . The Road Traffic Act 1988 requires all vehicles driven in the UK to carry as a minimum third party only insurance. So, you must legally have this type of insurance, as a minimum, to drive on roads in the UK.

  • Third party, which is the legal minimum and cover the costs of the third party only.
  • Third party with Fire and Theft One step up from third party is third party plus fire and theft cover. Again, be aware this only provide cover for costs of a third party, and you will be responsible for your own costs.
  • Comprehensive - includes third party, fire and theft, plus cover the repair or replacement of your minibus if it’s damaged in an accident..

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Minibus PSV Insurance FAQs

What are the speed limits for minibuses?

  •  A class road (where a lower limit is not signposted )   50 mph
  • Dual-carriageway  : 60 mph 
  • Dual-carriageway  : 70 mph 
minibus speed limits

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