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What is restaurant Insurance UK?

If you manage or the owner of a restaurant, having sufficient cover in place is essential to your business. Good commercial restaurant insurance will protect you, your stock, staff, building and contents, and your liability exposure.

Restaurant insurance is the financial protection that food entrepreneurs need so they can serve the public for many years to come. Unlike catering van insurance, commercial restaurant insurance is aimed at the dine in catering sector. With the right coverage, the owner and their employees can concentrate on providing quality food to their clientele. A Restaurant business can be high-risk, both for customers and employees. Even with good management and following all the guidelines of safety and hygiene, the occasional accident or slip-up can happen.

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What businesses needs restaurant insurance?

As the name implies, commercial restaurant insurance is made to financially protect a restaurant in the ‘just in case’ scenario, with one section in the policy mandatory by the UK government. This includes any business that provides food and or beverages to the public. It can be a fish and chips shop, tea house along with fast food places like McDonald's.

What is required by the government that has to be in a standard restaurant insurance policy?

If the business has one or more employees, by law the business has to take out employer's liability insurance. This is protection to financially cover the costs of an injury or illness by an employee while they are working for the business.

What else does a standard restaurant insurance policy contain?

There are two other areas of liability coverage that help protect against claims by the public. These two areas include product and public liability.

  • Product liability insurance is protection if a third party files a claim against your establishment due to damage caused to them or any of their property. This can include but not limited to a person becoming ill after consuming the food your establishment provides or a coffee stain on a blouse.
  • Public liability insurance is protection when a claim is filed against your restaurant is when a member of the public slips on your premises and is injured or other accident occurs. It also protects when a claim is made that the owner or a member of the staff causes damage to a third party’s property.

Are there any optional coverage's for restaurant insurance?

These optional covers are to help keep your business running when fire, flood or theft interferes with the normal operations of the restaurant.

  • Content and stock cover helps to provide the funds if the inventory you have on hand is destroyed, stolen or damaged due to causes out of your control.
  • Business interruption cover provides the funds to get the restaurant back to being operational if it has to close due to damage to the building or other reason the business can’t open for business.
  • Money cover is protection if your restaurant is held up or the night's receipts are taken by a third party while in transit to the bank.

How can I save money on restaurant insurance?

Operating a restaurant that deals with the public daily is all about cleanliness, good food and great service. By keeping the kitchens clean and the equipment well maintained is one way to help reduce the risk of damage to the food and any possible pathogen that might be present. It is also advised to have a backup generator just in case of a power failure, so the refrigerators and freezers can keep the food stored in them safe for consumption.  

Taking precautions to avoid claims against your policy will be rewarded with future discounts or only small increases to keep in line with inflation. Making claims against your policy will see you facing a price hike on your premium come renewal time.

The right level of cover can be the difference in how well and for how long your establishment can operate in the black. Because of this, a tailored made policy by a broker can help meet your needs in a budget you can afford.

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The panel can provide you with comparative quotes. They can provide quotes for all commercial restaurant types, including Café’s,  Chinese restaurant. If  you operate a takeaway business, then consider  takeaway insurance.  Takeaway cover is aimed specifically at the every popular local takeaway. If you are a delivery driver, then we can also provide hot food delivery insurance.

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