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Guide to Sainsbury's Landlord Insurance

It is a specialised insurance plan designed to protect landlords and property owners from accidental damage caused to their rental properties.  Sainsbury recognised the growth in the buy to let rental market and have created a product aimed at this market.

The insurance providers at Sainsbury's Bank, a trusted name in the financial industry, address the unique risks and challenges of renting residential or commercial properties. Sainsbury's sits beside other providers that include TESCO landlord insurance services, John Lewis and specialists that include Total Landlord Insurance with 25 years plus years of providing this type of cover.

What is Personal Possessions Cover?

It is an optional feature of Sainsbury's Bank Home Insurance that extends your coverage beyond the confines of your property. The contents cover of this feature include providing jewellery cover, bike cover, and home cover for loss, damage, or theft wherever you take them. 

Regarding safeguarding your personal belongings, Sainsbury's Bank Home Insurance services provide cover to a wide range through its Personal Possessions Cover. 

These optional extras to your home insurance policy protect your cherished possessions, including travel insurance, bike cover, key cover, pet insurance, car insurance cover, etc.  Double Nectar points are given in bike cover and travel insurance cover.

Key Benefits of Personal Possessions Cover

Protection on the Go: The contents covered by this feature are not limited to building cover and home cover; it provides travel insurance and access to stolen phones, trace and access stolen money, and pay theft cover.

Wide Range of Coverage: It ensures a broad spectrum with optional extras, from jewellery covers, stolen DVD players, pet insurance, and monthly car insurance.

Remember Subsidence cover

Home and landlord insurance polices do not include subsidence insurance, if the property is in an area of risk speak with your provider on including building subsidence insurance. It will cost additional, but will provide the necessary cover should damage occur resulting from subsidence.

Family Legal Protection

Sainsbury's Bank Home Insurance goes beyond safeguarding your physical property. It also includes Family Legal Protection, a valuable feature that provides you and your loved ones with legal support when needed.

This is one of the highlights, of Sainsbury's Bank Home Insurance. It has the purpose of assisting in family legal matters to provide protection with the following benefits. 

  • Expert Legal Advice
  • Coverage for Legal Costs
  • Protection for Homeowners

Sainsbury's Bank Home Insurance

Sainsbury's Bank Home Insurance is a comprehensive product designed to protect your home and its contents. It encompasses various features and add-ons to cater to your unique needs as a homeowner.

What Does Sainsbury's Bank Home Insurance Cover?

The contents covered under this include your property's structure, contents, and liability protection. 

You can make a comprehensive deal with optional extras like Personal Possessions Cover, building and contents insurance, car insurance, and pet insurance provided by the prudential regulation authority.

Choosing Sainsbury's Home Insurance helps you customise your home insurance policy to match your requirements. Visit our home insurance website to compare policies and find one right for you and your home.

Home Emergency Cover

Sainsbury's Bank Home Insurance includes Home Emergency Cover to provide immediate assistance and financial protection in a home emergency

It addresses emergencies such as boiler breakdowns, electrical failure, fire in the house, or accidental damage to buildings. It ensures that you can quickly access professional assistance when you need it.

Benefits of Sainsbury's Home Insurance

Sainsbury is one of the few providers of Home and Landlord insurance that do not charge extra if you choose to pay monthly.

  • Alternative Accommodation
  • Competitive Fees
  • 24/7 Claims Support
  • Optional Extras available 

Types of Landlords insurance

Similar to home insurance, you can choose the level and type of cover required

Landlords Building Insurance

This is the most popular product as it protects your investment in the actual building or buildings. Make sure that the agreed rebuild amount is sufficient o rebuild the property should the worse happen. It is advisable to pay for a professional home survey to arrive at an accurate rebuild cost, this will be expensive, but will safeguard you financially in the long run.

It is important to note that the rebuild cost is not the same as the dale value. The sale will most likely be much higher than the sale pricer were you to put it in the market. Using the sale prices could mean you are paying extra than required for the rebuild costs.

The Sainsbury current home insurance product provides a buildings sum insured up to £1 million as standard. This should cover the rebuild costs of most homes

Landlords Content Insurance

This covers contents and personal possessions. Currently, the Sainsbury home content insurance comes with content cover of  £75,000 as standard and a with a limit on any single item claim of £2,000. Check the terms as these figures may change and if you have items over the upper limits discuss with the bank how these can also be covered.

Combined Buildings and Contents Insurance

The combined policy covers your home and its contents with one neat package.

Compare Landlord Insurance and Home Insurance providers

If you are in the market for home or buy to let insurance, finding the best deal will involve comparing the available deals on the market. It is important to compare like for like, as the level and extent of cover will vary across providers.  Some providers on your list should include Tesco landlord insurance, Just Landlords insurance, Aro, Simply Business Landlord insurance and CIA Landlord insurance

Niche Providers of Landlord Insurance Include:

MultiQuoteTime Ltd Does not recommend any insurance companies. It is important that the property owner satisfies themselves that they are getting the cover they need for their own personal circumstances – undervaluation may affect the settlement in the event of claims.

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