5 Tips for keeping your nails healthy

Eyes can offer an important glimpse into the soul, but nails are the definitive windows to your overall health. Changes in the nails, such as a touch of rosy tinge, small white patches, bumps and thickening can signal health problems, some of them can be serious. Nails are usually meant for doing various tasks, and therefore they should be kept clean, healthy and normal growth. Beautiful nails bring an indulgent and pampering experience to you. If you are an actual nail technician, visit the nail technician insurance page to compare the costs of both mobile and shop insurance to cover your business risks.

Precautions to avoid nail problems

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking precautions to avoid nail problems is mainly an indirect yet most effective approach to keeping your nails strong and healthy.

  • Cuticles provide an excellent barrier for pathogens, so avoid them trimmed during a manicure.
  • Make sure your clipper and other nail grooming equipment are clean and sterilized.
  • Avoid switching nail polish too often. Choose your products like nail polish wisely as its frequent use can weaken your nails. Toluene and acetone free products are considered health-friendly.
  • Selecting appropriate footwear with proper room for the socks can prevent you from getting athlete’s foot.

Caring for your nails

Regular care and routine examination can result in healthy nails. Caring for your nails is much easier than you might think of by following the following suggestions;

  • Regular trimming and filling are important as it helps you get rid of impurities, pathogens and brittle damaged ends.
  • Wet nails provide fertile soil for the bacteria and other pathogens to grow, keeping your nails clean and dry is an effective way to protect yourself from getting infections.
  • Besides being a bad habit, biting your nails can be a rich source of harmful agents that may lead to serious systemic illness.

Healthy diet result in beautiful nails

The importance of optimal diet should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to health. Nails are made up of protein, so a protein-rich diet is instrumental in maintaining healthy nails. Vitamin B/C prevents ridges, iron gets rid of white patches, drinking plenty of water prevents drying and dullness, while zinc and calcium keep them strong. Biotin is another important vitamin that plays a key role in nail hardness and thickness.

Topical applicants such as moisturisers and ointments

Constant friction, regular workout or overuse of nail polish and removers often results in dryness, peeling and flaking of nails. Provide your nails with an additional layer of protection by putting a top coat of moisturizer or lotion that will keep them hydrated and helps them grow better and healthier. Moisturizing twice a day with a coconut oil-based moisturizer helps reduce breakage, preventing them from becoming brittle.

Monitoring your nails

Texture, colour and thickness are various indicators for your nail health. Observing and recognising the signs of discolouration, deformity, infections and bulges can help you not only in prevention, but also in the early diagnosis and treatment of underlying health problems. Keep an eye on the indicators mentioned above and in case you find something abnormal, immediately consult your doctor or dermatologist for evaluation.

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