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Guide To UK Hairdressers Insurance For Mobile & Freelancers

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July 2023

Hairdresser cover with public liability (PL) cover should be considered if you work from a salon or provide a mobile service, or a mix of both. If you are a freelance hairdresser, you are able to visit clients in locations they choose. This type of mobile hairdressing service is in high demand for weddings and special occasions. Alternatively, if you operate from a hair salon the cover will be similar, but may need to include buildings and contents.

At Multi Quote Time we work in partnership with QuoteSearcher who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of hairdresser insurance brokers. These brokers will be in contact via the phone to provide your advice and quotations based on your personal business requirements

hair dresser insurance with public liability

Does A Mobile Hairdresser Need Insurance In The UK?

Not everyone is able to visit the hair salon, and others just prefer having their hair styled in the privacy of their own home. A mobile hairdresser by definition is mobile and can go to the client's home or visit a hospital to provide their valuable service to their clientele. Unless you employ staff, you are not required by law to have insurance. However, as you are working with the public, you should consider public liability cover. Mobile hairdresser insurance with PL will protect your business against third party claims. 

What Does A Typical Hairdressers Insurance Policy Include?

The hairdresser needs financial protection against third parties that file a claim against them. It is referred to as public liability cover. This protection can be up to £10 million. The coverage will take care of the legal fees of fighting a claim where a third party states they have been hurt, their property damaged and place the blame on the hairdresser. This cover also will pay out any settlement.

What Does Hairdressers Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Whilst not legally compulsory, this cover is at the backbone of any good freelance hairdresser insurance policy.  This valuable cover which is relatively inexpensive will protect you against claims if a member of the public is injured or damage to their property occurs:

  • During your daily business activities
  • At your place of work salon, barbershop, client location or hairdressing salon

Choose Level Of PL Business Cover

During the quote process you can choose the level of public liability cover required for your business, if unsure speak with the insurance company, and they will be able to advise you further based on risks faced by freelance workers in the beauty sector.

Public liability (PL) OptionsLevels of Cover Available

What Treatments Are Covered By Freelance Hairdresser Insurance?

The treatments covered buy insurance companies will vary, but a good freelance hairdresser insurance policy should include or give the option of including the following treatments:

  • Hair & Scalp: Washing, Styling, Cutting, Extensions, Drying
  • Hair Colour: Tinting, Dyeing, Bleaching, Perming
  • Special Treatments: Chemical Straightening, Conditioning
  • Eyebrows: Shaping, Tinting, Threading, Waxing, HD Brows, Lamination
  • Eyelashes: Tinting, Lifting, Perming, Extensions
  • Nails: Cutting, Shaping, Acrylic Coatings
  • Cosmetic: Tooth Jewellery Application
  • Piercing: Ear (Gun & Stud)
  • Tools: Curlers, Straighteners, Razors, Clippers

The insurance providers on the panel can tailor the freelance hairdresser cover to your exact requirements, for example if you do not provide some of these treatments, for example eyelash extension ask for that they be removed. If you extend your services at a later date, be sure to advise the insurance company of in advance to check cover is in place. 

What Else Can Be Added Into A Hairdresser's Insurance Policy To Protect Your Business?

Below, we have listed other option add-ons that you may consider in addition to mobile or freelance hairdressing insurance policy

  • Product liability cover is protection when an item that can be liquid, solid or cream is used on a client and the product is deemed faulty by the client and a legal claim is made. This cover can be up to £5 million.
  • Professional liability cover handles when there is a disagreement between the client and the hairdresser on the treatment used on the client. When this type of claim is made, protection of up to £10,000 is available to cover the settlement.
  • Stock and Business equipment, tools, product stock can and business equipment can all be insured. This type of cover is protection if any of these items are damaged, broken or stolen.
  • Personal accident insurance will cover the costs if the self-employed hairdresser become sick, is injured or dies while on the job. This cover provides funds for medical bills and loss of income. This protection can be up to £20,000 for injuries and £40,000 in case of death.
  • Money Cover : This type of cover will have a upper limit of typically £500 and is aimed at protecting your business money, exclusions will exist if money is left in an unattended vehicle.   
  • Business Interruption : Business Interruption Insurance offers pre-agreed financial assistance for a set time period, normally 3 months. This will support the business if it can not continue trading due to flooding or fire damage, for example. Refer to your policy for specific coverage details and conditions for activation.
  • Employers Liability Insurance :  Employers Liability Insurance is mandatory (a legal requirement) for any businesses with staff, whether full or part-time, with few exceptions. This coverage safeguards you from employee claims for on or off-site injury or illness. 

Is Hairdressers Insurance Required By UK Law?

By law, the only insurance required by a hairdresser is if they have employees. Those with even one employee must have employer's liability cover. This is financial protection to cover the medical costs if your employee is injured or become sick while on the job performing their duties. The minimum level of cover for this is £5 million.

If you are a self-employed freelancer or mobile hairdresser and have no employees, by law no insurance is required. The downside to that is if a claim by a third party is made against you or your business, you are financially responsible for all the costs, fees and settlements.

If you are a mobile beauty therapist, this page is filled with useful information. Salon insure quotes is also helpful.

Are There Any Other factors That Need To Be Considered?

Most mobile hairdressers use a car to visit clients. This makes their vehicle part of their business and requires commercial vehicle insurance. For ease of access, many use a small van. By having business van insurance, your equipment and supplies will be covered when you are travelling between clients.

There are many factors involved in operating a hairdressers business. The business itself needs insurance so it can operate even when a third party makes a legal claim against it, plus the vehicle needs to be properly insured. With these in place, the hairdresser can concentrate on making their clients beautiful.

How Much Does Mobile Hairdresser Insurance Cost?

The cost of cover will depend on the level and type of cover you take out and business circumstances, but for an individual hair stylist providing a mobile or freelance service, you should expect to pay less than £100 annually.  

Find out how much you’ll pay by comparing prices from a panel of specialist insurance providers. You can choose what goes into your own insurance policy, so you only pay for what you need.

Compare Hairdressers Insurance Today

Finding the best hairdresser insurance policy that meets with your requirements should start by searching and researching all the available options. The panel of brokers can provide you with personalised quotations for hairdressers insurance. All you need to do is complete one easy online form.

Mobile Hairdresser Insurance FAQ's

Am I covered if a customer doesn’t like their hair cut/treatment?

No, the Insurance policy is aimed to cover you or your business against liability issues, example burning a customer's scalp with faulty hair tongs or claims made against your business for injury or loss of property.

Am I covered to work from My Own home?

Yes, a freelancer's insurance cover is designed to be flexible, providing you cover for any work location. Some examples include working at a client's home, a care home, a hotel the night before your client's wedding and so forth 

Is insurance required for self-employed hairdressers and barbers?

Insurance for any business is not mandatory or a legal requirement, but without it, you are left financially liable for claims made against you or your business. One exception does exist if your business employs staff, then you are legally required to have employer's liability insurance in place. 

Can I pay for My Mobile Hairdresser insurance Monthly?

Yes, monthly payments are accepted to help spread the cost of insurance, but keep in mind mots insurance companies will charge you extra for the privilege of paying mouthy. One exception is Directlineofbuisness that offer a 0% APR in the first year only.

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