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Guide To Tanning Salon Insurance 

Last Update May 2023 by MultiQuoteTime Editorial Team

If you work with the public, you will know the importance of having the right insurance in place to protect you in case of claims. Keeping a tanning salon running smoothly is time-consuming. Comparing tanning salon insurance to find the level of cover and the price that’s right for you requires time. Working with QuoteSearcher we can help you save time. Complete one simple to receive multiple quotes from a specialist panel of brokers. 

A tanning salon insurance policy covering the owner of a tanning salon is vital for financial protection against events and situations out of their control. This makes it possible to operate the small business with the peace of mind that legal hassles and associated items will be taken care of.

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How Much Does Spray Tan Insurance Cost?

The cost of tanning salon insurance differs from one salon to the next. The cost depends on several factors, such as location of the business, level of coverage, safety measures in place, type of services offered and type of building in which it’s located.

What Is Typically Included in A Tanning Shop Insurance Policy

Treatment risks

To help reduce and even prevent unwanted claims, the client should read and sign a waiver on the inherent dangers of being exposed to UV rays before any procedure starts. Any beauty treatment will have some inherent risks, having treatment cover will provide you with cover should client believe the treatment resulting in personal injury.

You do not legally require spray tan insurance, but spray tan insurance is a product aimed at protecting your finances. In addition, some clients may ask to see if you have insurance should something go wrong during the application process. Overall, having tanning salon insurance will protect your business against claims of negligence or injury by accident whilst on your premises. It will also have the added benefit of fostering trust with your customer base. If you apply for external contracts example on a film set, you will likely find that having a good level of public liability insurance is a requirement.

Business interruption insurance

This cover will provide you with cover for loss of income during periods when you are unable to carry out business as usual due to an unexpected event, for example your studio is flooding or damaged by fire. 

Building and property insurance

This cover includes the brick and mortar establishment from fire, flooding and damage from accidental damage and vandalism.

Public liability insurance for Tanning Salons

Public liability cover is for protection if any accidents occur to a patron, causing them an injury while on your property. This coverage handles the legal and medical fees along with any type of settlement.

Professional liability insurance

A policy covering UV tanning procedure is very important and will financially protect the owner against any possibility of a lawsuit or claims due to the following;

  • Burns occurred during the tanning procedure.
  • Cancer reports by a client blaming the tanning shop.
  • Irritation to the skin due to the cleanliness of the tanning bed.
  • Client unhappy with the results for any reason.
  • Improper timer set on the tanning process.
  • Incomplete tanning due to the fault of the client

Personal liability insurance

This is also what the owner and employees should have to financially protect themselves. This coverage includes accidental events between the employee or owner and clients that can include the following;

  • Disagreements over the treatment, either in the results or charges for the services.
  • Due to the need of some clients to disrobe, the chances of sexual harassment increase and should be covered in the policy.
  • If an accident occurs during contact of an employee and a client and the client is injured or distressed.

Employers liability insurance

Employer's liability insurance is required by UK law for any business that has paid employees working for them. This covers the medical and any possible legal fees if an employee is injured or becomes ill while performing their duties at work. If you are an employee in a tanning salon, you may consider taking out redundancy protection insurance. This type of policy will pay out if you are made redundant, most polices will a percentage of your salary over a fixed time period as per policy.

Many tanning establishments also offer spray tanning procedures as an option for their clients. If your establishment does, then this area of your business should either be included in your tanning salon insurance policy or have a separate one just for it.

By having the correct type of tanning salon insurance, a tanning shop owner can rest assured their business will continue no matter the type or size of claim are filed against them for any reason.

In a single year, the more than 2,000 beauty establishments in the UK serve nearly one million customers. To reduce the risk of closing your profitable business from any third party claims, you should be protecting your small business with the correct type of insurance. Talk with your insurance broker today about getting a policy the provides the right level of protection your business can soon be protected.

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