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Guide To Scaffolding Insurance

Public liability insurance for roofers will cover the costs for damage to property or physical injury. Any professional scaffolding company should have public liability insurance. If you are thinking of employing the services of a company that will be using scaffolding, ask to see proof that they have a sufficient level of PL insurance. Most brokers will offer a range of PL cover, as detailed in the table below.  The figures represent the Limit of Indemnity and is the maximum monetary amount the insurer will pay in the event of a claim.

The level of coverage needed will depend on the type of work that you undertake and the people that you work for, and understanding your exposure levels. Some contracts will insist on a minimum level of PL level, so consult with your perspective contract providers and insurance company to arrive at a figure sufficient for your needs. 

Public liability (PL) OptionsLevels of Cover Available

What insurance do scaffolders need?

A scaffolding company will need a good level of public liability insurance to cover any claims made against their business. If the scaffolding company employs staff, they are legally required to have employer's liability insurance. Whilst public liability for roofers and scaffolders is not a legal requirement, finding contracts may be very difficult. Most providers of building contracts will insist on perspective bids having PL insurance in place. Without it, they will not even be considered for a building or other contract that requires the use of scaffolding.

As a scaffolder, you should have scaffolding public liability insurance in place to protect against accidents that may cause injury to the public or your customers. This type of cover will give you peace of mind should an accident occur. It is so important to note that many companies and trade associations require evidence of public liability insurance.

Do Scaffolders need professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity is associated more with professionals that give advice to clients. If the client feels that the advice or service was below standard and as a result cost the client money, they can take legal action. Indemnity insurance will provide cover for any subsequent legal costs and expense that you may then incur.  

Who is liable for scaffolding?

The scaffolding company is always liable for scaffolding that they erect. If you are employing a company, and they will be using scaffolding, make sure that they have liability insurance before awarding any contract. Scaffolding can be the cause of serious damage and the cost of repair can be extremely high. If the scaffolding company does not have public liability cover, they may struggle to make good on the repairs charges, a situation that could have been avoided if you had asked to see their public liability policy in the beginning. 

Life insurance for scaffolders can require the services of a specialist life insurance provider. For most scaffolders that work under 40 feet, most providers can provide life insurance quotes. We work with Quotezone who can provide life insurance quotes for scaffolders from a panel of UK insures providers.

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