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Guide To Mobile DJ Insurance

As a DJ's like musicians will normally travel around the UK performing at events and gigs. Having DF insurance in place will let you get on with your performance, without the worry about the possibility of held liable for an accident .

Public liability insurance (PLI) for DJ's provides cover against the cost if someone has their property damaged, injured or worse while you are providing your DJ service. This type of claim could result from someone tripping over some exposed cabling and making a claim for injury. When you are surrounded by a crowd of music lovers, anything can happen.  DJ insurance is also known as DJ third party liability, DJ personal liability  

If you are new to the DJ circuit, you may believe that you will be covered by the venue's insurance policy. This is unlikely unless you are a permanent staff member. Most DJs are mobile and self employed.  Mobile in that they can work anywhere in the UK or Europe. The reality is that the vast majority of UK DJs are self employed and work at multiple locations within and outside the UK. 

Because of the inherent risk of working a crowded venue, most DJs will have their DJ public liability insurance policy tailored to their individual needs, the cover can provide cover for legal fees, compensation pay-outs if sued by a member of the public attending the venue or event. 

Do DJ's Need Public Liability Cover?

DJ public liability is not a legal requirement, but some venues may insist that a visiting DJ have taken out their own liability cover and produce a copy of the certificate on request. 

Can You Get DJ Insurance For A One-Day Gig?

One day PL insurance is available and is popular with the organiser of one day events, but if you only DJ as a hobby or pastime then 1 day DJ cover may be a better and more cost effective option than taking out an annual policy.   

Why You Need Public Liability Cover

As we mentioned earlier, most venues will insist any visiting DJ can produce proof that hey have PL cover. Without it, they will not permit you to work. 

Is Cover For Equipment Included?

Music or DJ Equipment insurance is not included in PL insurance, but it can be added to your policy at an additional cost. The cost will depend largely on the level of cover required and how secure your gear is from theft. This type of cover will normally provide protection if your equipment is damaged during a gig, in transit or at your own home.

How Much Does DJ Insurance Cost, On Average?

The average costs of DJ insurance will depend on the level of liability cover and other factors that can vary from across insurance providers. The best option is to get a range of quotes, finding one that best meets with your DJ requirements. We have partnered with Quotezone who can provide you with a range of DJ insurance quotes from a large and select panel of UK brokers.   

How You Can Reduce The Cost Of DJ Insurance

The final cost of PLI insurance for A DJ or performing artist will depend on the level of PLI cover that you choose, plus any extras that you choose to bundle into the insurance package.

  • Increase Your Excess : Consider increasing the excess amount. Example, if the PL policy element comes with an excess of £250.  In tithe event of a claim for £1,000 you would be liable £250 and the insurance company the remaining £750. Discuss with the insurance company of increasing the excess in return for a cheaper quote.
  • Work Out Equipment Costs Accurately : Don't over insure, if you have included equipment insurance work the price to replace accurately rather than over estimating. 
  • Get Multiple Quotes :  It will take time but getting many quotes will help you find the best deal. We can help by providing multiple quotes from a panel of insurance specialists.  Click Here to Get started, 
  • Renewal Time Check Deals : When it comes to renewal time, don't just accept the quote, some insurance companies keep their best deals for new customers. With this in mind also check for a better deal before renewal time.
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