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Business insurance for face painters - fixed premises or mobile

The panel offers face painting insurance quotes for face painters that operate from fixed premises or artists that provide a mobile service. Multi Quote Time works in partnership with QuoteSearcher who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. The panel can also provide you with multiple quotes over the phone in any of the beauty sectors including makeup artists.

The popularity of both face painting and glitter tattoo application has increased recently and so has the number of professional face painters. With the increase in clients going to these professionals the number of disagreements has risen and the reason each professional face painter needs to be financially protected against claims with insurance policies.

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Do I need Face Painting Insurance UK?

As a face painter, you will be working with members of the public. When you are working with the public and that includes small children you can be held liable for claims made against you. If you take out face painting insurance it should include public liability insurance. If your tools of the trade are expensive you should consider adding coverage for your business equipment.

Professional and public liability insurance for face painters

This area of coverage is financial protection against lawsuits and other claims that are of a business nature. This will cover all legal fees to include lawyers, court costs, medical bills and settlements. Incidents and events that face painting insurance can provide cover can include the following;

  • The application of the pigments on the face has an adverse reaction and causes irritation.
  • The preparation of the skin with a cleanser or lotion causes irritation of the skin.
  • If irritation of an orifice occurs; eyes, nose, ears or mouth.
  • The client is injured for any reason while in the presence of the artist.
  • The client is unhappy with the final results including the figure or design is considered to be out of proportion.
  • Any form of sexual harassment or any other type of harassment is implied by the client against the artist.

Personal liability insurance for face painters

Including this type of cover in your face painting insurance package will provide financial protection against claims when there is an accident that occurs with the application of the pigment that covers the skin.

  • The accidental spilling of the pigment on a garment of the client.
  • A fall or injury occurs by accident if contact between the artist and client happens causing injury, harm or distress to the client.
  • If any action occurs during the application of the pigment that is incorrect during a natural event as with an earthquake or other event of Mother Nature.

What is treatment risk insurance?

This type of insurance provides cover for the application of any medical or other bodily treatment (other than first aid treatment). This can be added to the face painting insurance policy and will cover you for any claims against the treatment.

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In any business, you want to keep your fixed overheads to a minimum and this includes the cost of insurance. At the same time, you need to get the right level of cover. Start the process by getting multiple quotes from a select panel of UK brokers that specialise in the beauty sector. Select the quote button below to get multiple quotes for face painting insurance.

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