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A Guide To Face Painting Public Liability Insurance

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July 2023

The panel offers face painting insurance quotes for face painters that operate from fixed premises or artists that provide a mobile service. Multi Quote Time works in partnership with QuoteZone who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. The panel can also provide you with multiple quotes over the phone in any of the beauty sectors, including makeup artists.

The popularity of both face painting and glitter tattoo application has increased recently, and so have the number of professional face painters. With the increase in clients going to these professionals, the number of disagreements has risen and the reason each professional face painter needs to be financially protected against claims with insurance policies. A professional tattoo artist will have tattoo insurance to protect themselves and their business financially, similarly a face painter should also consider insurance protection. 

Compare face painting insurance from trusted brands

It happens, a client files a claim for professional negligence or bodily injury risking your excellent reputation and if successful reducing your bank balance. Protect both with face painting insurance

In order to get the best deal on any insurance policy, it’s vital that you compare quotes from a wide range of insurance companies.

  • Face painting, body painting, hair accessorising, and fake tattoos for clients at pre-organised events such as birthday parties or a set location
  • Public Liability
  • Stock & Equipment
  • Legal Expenses and Money Cover
  • Cover available wherever you work; from home, stage, in a salon or mobile

Polices can be tailored to provide the essential cover required for your beauty business.

Do You Need Face Painting Insurance?

As a face painter, you will be working with members of the public. When you are working with the public and that includes small children, you can be held liable for claims made against you. If you take out face painting insurance, it should include public liability insurance. If your tools of the trade are expensive, you should consider adding coverage for your business equipment.

What insurance does a face painter need?

Public Liability Insurance 

Public liability insurance (PL) for a face painter will protect you from claims by the public for injury, illness or damage. It provides cover for claims made by the public and can include your clients, suppliers or passers-by. You can choose the level of protection which is normally in the range of £1,000,000 to £10,000,000 with steps in between.

Stock Cover

If you keep a large amount of stock or sell to the public you may wish to include this type of protection. This will cover for your stock and products against loss, damage and theft

Tools and Equipment

As an artist you rely on your tools and equipment to provide your service and are essential to running a successful service. Equipment insurance protects these tools and equipment. This cover will provide funds if this equipment is lost, stolen or damaged.

Tools of your art can be expensive, We have listed some examples of tools and equipment below.

  • Professionally graded Face Paints
  • Range of high quality brushes
  • Stencils to help you recreate intricate designs
  • Glitters and Gems : Adding sparkle, but cosmetic-grade glitters and gems can be expensive
  • Drying Lamps

Business interruption insurance

If you are unable to continue the operations of your face painting or makeup service, this will provide some cover for loss of income during that period, for example your salon needs repairing after fire damage

Buildings Insurance

Building insurance will cover damage to the building or your salon. If you are renting the premises, check to make sure the landlord should have a commercial building insurance policy in place. 

Treatment risk or liability

Treatment risk insurance provides cover for the application of any medical or other bodily treatment (other than first aid treatment). This can be added to the face painting insurance policy and will cover you for any claims against the treatment.

Treatment Liability will cover the day-to-day procedures typical of a face painting artists and include the following procedures.

  • Customers that have an Allergic reaction, even if you have checked with the customer on any Allergy Awareness
  • Infections as a result of not maintaining hygiene practices
  • Use of product that contains toxic elements

Personal liability insurance

Personal liability insurance policy financially protects the manicurist from accidents that might occur while with a client that occur by accident.

Professional liability insurance

According to the Association of British Insures (ABI) professional liability insurance protects a business you against claims for loss or damage made by clients or third parties as a result of the impact of negligent services provides or negligent advice you offered.

  • The application of the pigments on the face has an adverse reaction and causes irritation.
  • The preparation of the skin with a cleanser or lotion causes irritation of the skin.
  • If irritation of an orifice occurs; eyes, nose, ears or mouth.
  • The client is injured for any reason while in the presence of the artist.
  • The client is unhappy with the final results including the figure or design is considered to be out of proportion.
  • Any form of sexual harassment or any other type of harassment is implied by the client against the artist.

Is Face Painting Insurance A legal Requirement?

Face painting insurance is NOT a legal requirement for face painters to have insurance, but you may find that any event that you apply to will request to see proof of public liability. Failure to provide will disqualify you from taking part.

Professional and Public Liability Insurance for Face Painters

Public liability is the cornerstone of any good insurance policy. This element protects you financially against claims made by third parties. These claims are normally for injury, but includes damage and loss to property. The cover is aimed to cover costs in any court and legal fees that you may face, and any payout should you or your business be found to be at fault

What Does Face Painting liability Insurance Cost?

The cost will vary slight from insurance company to insurance company, as different providers will measure risk differently. Example, one insurance company may give .more weight to how long you have been in business, whilst another will give more weight to your age. This is one good reason to always get multiple quotes when looking for any kind of beauty insurance product. This is also true come policy renewal time, as thing are fluid in then insurance sector and new offers and insurance disruptors enter the marketplace. 

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In any business, you want to keep your fixed overheads to a minimum, and this includes the cost of insurance. At the same time, you need to get the right level of cover. Start the process by getting multiple quotes from a select panel of UK brokers that specialise in the beauty sector. Select the quote button below to get multiple quotes for face painting insurance.

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