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Holistic insurance for freelance and mobile therapists

What is holistic therapy insurance, and what are the benefits of having it? Is this just another insurance policy that I don’t need, or is it essential? Let’s explore everything there is to holistic insurance for freelance and mobile therapists.

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insurance brokers.  These brokers can provide polices for a range of products, ranging from makeup insurance with public liability to mobile therapists. All policies will be tailored to your individual needs. Below are the many areas that insurance can help protect the freelance nail technicians from the problems that could be encountered when dealing with the public.

Holistic therapy insurance is the practising of the healing art of treating the entire human body by addressing issues involving the body, mind and emotions as a whole. Just like other health practitioners, the insurance is financial protection just in case an unforeseen issue arises.

Holistic healing and even new age philosophies are bigger now than ever before. Alternative medical practices are challenging and changing the way we look at health, mental and physical well-being, and all-round spirituality. And if you happen to be a freelance and mobile therapist, obtaining Holistic Insurance might be the most important decision you make this year, or in this soul cycle. 

The holistic therapy approach is an alternative to the traditional treat the symptom approach. With this approach, the practitioner views the patient's aura and the whole body to arrive at an approach that will enable the healthy flow of energy throughout the body and in so doing improve your overall state of health of the client.

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What is Holistic Therapy Insurance?

Holistic therapy Insurance offers protection for freelance therapists who spend lots of their time on the road or visiting their patient’s homes. We understand just how hard it is to be a freelance mobile therapist. It’s one of the most underappreciated jobs/services in the modern Western world. Spiritual and mental well-being is being talked about more than ever before, which is a great thing. It’s not a taboo subject any more. 

Holistic therapy Insurance coverage is there to protect you if things go wrong. It’s only natural that at some point one of your clients might be unsatisfied with your services or even have an issue due to your treatments. These types of insurance policies can help if you are faced with a malpractice case or your client claims your treatments made their condition worse. Holistic Insurance provides you with support across the board when experiencing these potentialities. 

Do I Need Holistic Therapy Insurance Coverage?

These types of Holistic Insurance are extremely geared and streamlined to workers in the freelance therapy sector. Holistic therapy is such a wide-open concept that covers an immensely wide range of services. If you provide freelance therapy or other services that involve meditation, yoga, all types of massage, spiritual healing, hypnotherapy, and so forth, this kind of insurance was created with you in mind.

And if you are a freelancer that is continually travelling and visiting your customer’s houses, there are so many things you need to be covered against. So if you are involved in the freelance holistic therapy industry, and you are not insured, you seriously need to consider making the change as soon as possible.

The conventional approach to beauty treatment has expanded to not only treat the surface, but look at the body as a whole and treat the surface plus the mind, body and spirit.

Insurance brokers now offer holistic therapy cover alongside traditional beauty insurance policies. These specialists provide one policy that covers both traditional beauty and holistic treatments. The holistic therapies that can be covered with insurance include acupressure, aromatherapy, meditation and crystal healing.

What does Holistic Therapy Insurance Cover?

Now we’ve discussed why you need holistic insurance and what the term means, we need to find out what these policies cover. Here is a list of the standard coverage you get as a freelancer who purchases holistic insurance.

  • Cover for any potential accidents, damage, or theft of business property owned by the therapist.
  • Coverage against any claims made by an employee that includes compensation claims.
  • You get public liability insurance that will cover the therapist if a third party (client) makes a compensation claim.
  • You get product liability insurance that will cover the therapist in the eventuality of a compensation claim due to a defective product.
  • Covers all legal expenses to protect the therapist against any unexpected claims or legal bills.
  • You get personal accident insurance that can substitute the therapist’s income in the event of an injury or illness that stops them from working.

What Types of Holistic Insurance Are Available?

Although we have provided you with basic information on what you’re covered against if you buy holistic insurance for freelance and mobile therapists, what types of policies are available? Let’s take a look at the three main types of policy available: public liability insurance, professional liability coverage, and product liability insurance. 

  • Public Liability coverage is financial protection if a third party files a lawsuit against you or your business demanding compensation for damages that occurred at your place of business.
  • Professional Liability coverage is financial protection of legal expenses arising from a third party claiming that you made a breach of professional duty when you performed the therapy or omitted part of it that might have caused damage to the body, mentally or psychologically to a client. This part of the policy also protects if there is a claim against your business involving copyright infringement, registered design infringement or deformation of slander claim is made against you.
  • Product Liability coverage is financial protection when a third party claims that a product you used on them or sold to them caused damage or harmed the third party.
  • Employer liability insurance is required by UK law for all owners that have employees. This cover pays for the medical bills and any lost wages if an employee is hurt or becomes sick while performing their duties at work.

Are there other coverage types for the holistic practitioner?

Did you think about the possibility that you could get hurt or injured and won’t be able to work? How about legal expenses that could rack up in the event of any unforeseen issues? Here are some other coverage types that you could consider as a freelance holistic therapist.  

  • Personal accident coverage is financial protection if you are injured and can’t work. This coverage will provide you with payments until you can return to work, or a lump sum if you are permanently disabled.
  • Legal expense protection that helps pay the legal expenses when you receive an unexpected legal bill not related to any of the above coverage.

Please note: If you work with children, check the policy details to make sure it is not listed as an exclusion.

Should I Buy Holistic  Therapy Insurance for Freelance and Mobile Therapists?

There are so many things that could go wrong when you are a freelance and mobile therapist. If you are a holistic therapist that offers a wide range of services that aim to improve spiritual and physical well-being, at some point, something will go wrong. It’s the law of averages! Just make sure you buy holistic insurance, and you are protected against most eventualities.

The policy not only protects you, but also protects your patients, and also gives you back up when you really need it. Insurance isn’t for when things are going well in life. It’s for when things are going well and then suddenly go wrong without any warning. Make sure you are protected against unforeseen issues that can arise at home or on the road working.

What are the differences between complementary and alternative therapy approaches?

Complementary therapies work alongside other forms of treatment, for example medical, massage and meditation. If you're having medical treatment, it is important to keep your doctor informed of other complementary approaches that you embark on. Alternative therapy is when you decide that the traditional medical approach is not working, or you believe that an alternative approach will be more effective. A classic example is acupuncture and the use of traditional Chinese herbs and remedies.

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