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What is massage therapist insurance UK? 

Sports massage therapist insurance UK is aimed at professional sport therapists and students training for qualifications. Therapists work with both professional and amateur athletes that have a sports related injury. This type of insurance offers financial protection against any claims of negligence as practice their profession. This profession is by some referred to as a sports massage therapist, which is considered synonymous with sports therapists. 

sports massage insurance

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What is a sports massage therapist?

A sports therapist is a professional that treats muscular sports related complaints along with assisting with their problems of posture and any mobility limitations. They do this by applying pressure to particular muscle groups on the client's body so the pain, discomfort can be reduced.

What does a standard sports massage therapist insurance policy cover?

The standard sports therapist insurance policy has several components that can help the therapist continue with their business after a claim is made against them. With this protection, they are protected so that they can continue to provide therapy sessions to their clients while the claims are being settled.

  • Public liability cover is financial protection provided is normally in the range of 5 to 10 million. This offers protection against if a third party makes a claim that they were harmed or injured on your property during a visit.
  • Professional indemnity cover is financial protection if a third party files a claim that you made a mistake in your treatment of them or provided them with faulty advice. Some firms refer to this type of protection as malpractice cover.
  • Product liability cover is financial protection (normally in the range of 5 to 10 million) against the products that you are using. Example, if a client claims they had a reaction to one of the ointments used to treat the injury.

What is an important add-on to a standard UK sports massage insurance policy?

Legal cover will help handle the cost when a claim is made by an employee, health and safety executive or official from the government is made against a therapist. It also covers a tax dispute with the government. 

Is there any additional coverage to help protect the sports therapist?

Yes, there is occupational personal accident cover. This is financial assistance a therapist will receive when they are injured or become ill and can no longer work and earn an income temporarily. This payment process begins after a fixed number of days after the insurance company is notified. The weekly payout is generally in the range of £50 to £300. If permanent disability occurs or death, a lump sum paid out is in a range from £10,000 to £60,000.

A sports massage therapist insurance policy is designed to financially protect the therapists when legal issues need to be addressed throughout a natural business cycle. This allows the therapist to continue to treat clients so that the revenue stream can keep flowing in.

How to qualify as a sports massage therapist UK

The first route is a degree in sports and fitness or physiotherapy at university, dealing with sports injuries should be central to any sports related university degree.  However, you can train directly to become a professional sports masseur by taking accredited and recognised sports massage courses. If you choose the route, you need Level 3 ITEC as a minimum to practice your sports massage skills unsupervised.

  • Level 3 ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy  This ITEC Level 3 diploma  is aimed at giving you the skill set to work unsupervised as a sports massage therapist. This diploma provides the minimal level of qualification to enables you to work on supervised as a sports massage therapist in the UK 
  • Level 4 Certificate is Sports Massage Therapy : Level 4 is a progression from Level 3 and widens your knowledge area and on completion you will have a deeper understanding of the subject area. The training will enable you apply advanced techniques to sports related injuries and introduce you injury management techniques in more detail. 

Work opportunities for a qualified sports massage therapist

Once qualified you have a wide spectrum of career choices, we have highlighted the key fields that  professional therapists enter to apply their healing skills.

Even those people who are largely inactive will often want to use the services of a sports masseur in order to help them cope with the effects of an overly-sedentary lifestyle. The prevalence of neck, shoulder, back and wrist pain, as well as tennis elbow, is at an all-time high, especially amongst office workers and sports massage is often the first port of call for people suffering from such injuries.

  • Fitness and Exercise Clubs :  A survey covering UK and Ireland carried out by sportsmole found that on average UK citizens spend 11.1 hours per week in a fitness or sports club, which is nearly twice as much time as they spend socialising. Demand is high and new fitness clubs and chains are popping up thought the UK.  Many have or would like to offer their clients advice and help on any new or existing muscle related injuries. 
  • Hospitals: Most hospitals provide physiotherapy clinics that provide treatments for sports related injuries. 
  • Private Treatment : Opportunities exist for the self-employed that provide a mobile sports therapy treatment. This normally entails providing the service at the clients home or place of work. The demand not only covers sports injuries but people live a mostly a non-active lifestyle, but suffer from muscular pain, for example  tennis elbow

Compare Sports Massage Insurance

Finding a good deal on any insurance requires some upfront time spent researching all the options available from a range of insurance providers.  Compare sport massage therapist Insurance UK from a panel of select UK brokers that specialise in sports massage insurance policies, by selecting the start quote option below.

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