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Finding Simple Landlord Insurance

Finding Simple Landlord Insurance should not be difficult. If you are new to being a landlord, you will have your hands full performing credit checks on perspective tenants, arranging tenancy agreements. Then you have all the legal obligations, including gas safety and electrical safety checks. It can be overwhelming, and then you also need to consider the benefits of a simple landlord insurance policy.

Are you looking for simple landlord insurance to protect investment? You’re in the right place. Whether you’re after single property landlord insurance or multi property landlord insurance if you’re managing a large portfolio of investments. 

What should a simple, no-nonsense landlord insurance policy include?

Whilst most insurance providers will let you build your own tailored insurance policy, the following elements should be the core of any simply landlord insurance policy.

  • Buildings Insurance : This covers the structure of the property and will cover any rebuilding costs as a result of damage from flood, fire or vandalism. Some policies will also include subsidence, but check the terms.
  • Contents Insurance : This will usually cover fixture and fittings up to an agreed limit. Examples include sofas and beds, personal possessions of the tenants are not included

Will simple standard home insurance be okay?

House or home insurance is for a property that you live in, if you are letting out a property the risk of claims for damage are higher. As such, you need to take out specialist insurance termed landlord insurance. Apart from simple landlord insurance, you may need HMO insurance if your intention is to let your property to multiple occupants.

Whilst no landlord wishes to have an empty property on their hands, it does happen. If you are in that position, check your existing policy as most will have a clause that only covers properties that are left empty for a short period, maybe as little as 30 days. In the event it will be left empty, you will need to consider changing or amending your policy to unoccupied property insurance or empty house insurance.

How much is Simple Landlord Insurance?

Because of the many factors that are at play in working out the cost of landlord insurance, the average value of landlords insurance is not helpful. Instead, focus on the factors that determine a role in the perceived risk, some of which you can influence.  

Can I add optional extras to a simple landlords insurance policy?

In addition to the simple landlord insurance to cover structural damage and fixtures and fittings, you will have an option of adding additional extras, all at an additional cost.   Below, we have listed some of the additional element that you may wish to consider on to your base policy.

  • Landlord Emergency cover – This is cover in the case of an emergency like a gas or water leak, this cover can help you get a qualified technician to secure the building. Before proceeding with any remedial work, make sure that you first get the consent of your insurance provider.
  • Loss of Rent cover – if the property can not be let out as a result of damage, this type of cover you for the loss of rent. The cover is normally only valid for a fixed number of months or an agreed upper limit.
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