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Guide To Soft Play Insurance?

By Eamonn Turley
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July 2023

Soft play insurance provides protection against claims from users of the indoor soft play facility. These claims can include injury claims or property damage claims. If the owner of the soft play business is found to be responsible, they will be liable for the claim amount, which can be substantial. So whilst soft play insurance is not a legal requirement, it will protect your business should any third party make a claim that you are subsequently found liable for. It is also important to note that these types of venues can attract that small minority of people that set out to make false claims to try and enrich themselves.

soft play insurance

What Type of Insurance do you Need for a Soft Play Business?

Owners of a soft play business should consider public liability insurance. This type of cover will protect the business in the event of claims by a third party whilst using the facilities or on the business property. Public liability insurance is available at different levels of cover, typically ranging from £1,000,000 to £10,000,000. Please see the table below, 4 different levels of cover available with the panel of insurance providers on the SEOPA panel.

What Levels Of Soft Play Public Liability Cover Are Available?

Public liability (PL) OptionsLevels of Cover Available

Do You Legally Need Insurance For A Soft Play Business?

Soft play or public liability insurance is not a legal requirement, but having it may be mandated by event organisers. Before being accepted to any outdoor or indoor event, the organisers will most certainly ask to see the level of public liability insurance coverage that your business has in place.

Is Soft Play A Good Business Venture?

Opening a soft play facility can be a good business, it's it is situated in a location with a high population of children and parents that have a disposable income. An indoor soft play facility will enable parents to get their children away from the computer screen and get them active. Indoor soft play centres are popular in the UK because of the high number of rainy days, making it impossible for kids to play outside. For the business to be successful you will need to take into account the children in the locality Ernst disposable income with a salary that you provide should be for both the parents and the children. The parents are important are there must also be cared for while if their kids are playing most play centres will have an area for relaxation for the parents where they can sip coffee or have a snack a chat with other parents and comfort 

  • Focus on attracting and retaining customers : Make the play Center  a GOTO family location with facilities for both youn and old. Ideas include Coffee shop snack food or even a restaurant. Other ideas include a gym for the those that like to stay trim and healthy. So whilst the kids play, the parents workout or sip a latte
  • Watch the competition :  A successful soft play business will attract competition, so always try and strand out from the crowd and be one step ahead.  Example, offer lifetime memberships and try and build a moat that makes it difficult for another business to compete.

What Cover should I include In A Indoor Soft Play Insurance Package

In addition to soft play liability insurance, you may wish to consider including some following, please take out employer's liability is the only one that is a leagl requirements. If you have employees, you must by UK law have the correct level of employer's liability insurance to operate within the law. The most common request is currently for bouncy castle insurance, followed by Inflatable Bar Fly Insurance

  • Buildings and Contents
  • Soft play Equipment
  • Business Interruption
  • Legal Expenses

Is Mobile Soft Play Insurance Available?

As the demand for soft play increases, a mobile soft play service has evolved.  The mobile service can be hired to bring the fun and play to your house or community centre. If you are thinking of piloting your own mobile soft play adventure, having public liability insurance should be considered. Most events will insist on vendors having their own soft play public liability cover. 

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