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Guide to Swinton Landlord Insurance

Owning properties without proper insurance is a risky thing to do. Properties aren't just properties; they are your investment, especially in real estate. If you are a landlord in the UK or Ireland looking for quality building insurance, then you should choose Swinton Insurance.

Swinton Insurance has been providing quality landlord insurance for 15 years, and their buy-to-let insurance policy has a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. They offer different landlord insurance policies that include buy-to-let insurance, landlords’ content insurance, and landlords' legal protection. They also provide insurance for your cars, van, home, and pets.

Buy-To-Let Insurance

As a landlord, your let property is your investment, and you are exposing it to risks without buy-to-let insurance. It doesn't matter if you own a single building or multiple properties. The buy-to-let insurance protects your property from damage caused by tenants, such as burnt carpets, broken doors, and broken windows.

Aside from protection against accidental damage, this insurance will also cover your lost rental income if your property is uninhabitable due to major repairs, fire, or flood. Unlike other building insurance, buy-to-let insurance provides you with additional coverage when you face additional risks. They include;

  • The cost of rehousing your tenants in cases of major repairs, fire or flood
  • Compensation if a tenant or their visitors get injured on your property.
  • Keys cover: to help you replace keys and locks in your house in case of theft or loss.
  • Compensation if your tenant building is affected by damage caused by an issue on your property, such as a gas or water leak.

Landlord Legal Protection

Landlords need legal protection from disputes with tenants over issues such as rent arrears, evictions, and even property damage. This type of insurance provides you with legal protection with legal costs and fees of about £75,000 per claim, protecting you as a landlord over such disputes. (reference)

Landlord Legal Protection covers legal expenses, including court costs, lawyer fees, and other expenses incurred while trying to defend yourself from a claim or lawsuit filed by your tenant. With Landlords Legal Protection, you'll have direct access to a team of legal specialists with a 24-hour legal helpline.

Consider landlord legal protection a necessity in your investment as a property owner. However, in cases of tenancy eviction, you and your tenant must have signed a tenancy agreement for at least six months before making a claim.

Landlords’ Content Insurance

Most rental properties are well-furnished because some landlords consider them a good investment. If your property is well-furnished, this insurance is for you. Landlords’ content insurance covers only your belongings, like furniture, artwork, and appliances, not your tenants.

With this insurance, you’ll get repairs on damaged contents such as a broken fridge or a burned sofa. You are also entitled to a new TV or other belongings in case of theft on your property. Just think of Landlords’ Content Insurance as a replacement plan for your belongings.

Cost of Landlord Insurance

The cost of any landlord insurance depends on different factors. The type of properties you own, their location, the value of their contents, the number of tenants, and your claim history are factors that can determine the cost of landlord insurance. However, compare the average costs of different insurance providers to find a policy tailored to your needs and budget.

Landlord Insurance FAQs

Does the landlord's insurance policy cover the tenant's property?

Tenant's local belongings, like clothes, etc., are not covered by landlord insurance policy, the tenants may take out their own insurance.

Is there any limit to the buildings cover provided by Swinton?

Most building insurance polices will be limited to the agreed rebuild cost, as such it is important that the amount is correct. Too high and you will paying extra for cover you do not need, and too little you will have to contribute to the rebuilding costs out of your own pocket. A fresh approach has been taken by John lewis landlord insurance, who offer unlimited buildings cover.    

Compare Landlord Insurance providers

If you are in the market for landlord insurance for one property or after multi property landlord insurance, finding the best deal will involve comparing the insurance marketplace. It is important to also compare at each renewal date, as some suppliers offer special deals to attract new customers. Some providers on your list should include Legal and General landlord insurance, Aro, Endsleigh landlord insurance, and CIA Landlord insurance. Home insurance providers include Post office home insurance and John Lewis.

Swinton Landlord Insurance provides an excellent cover to protect your buy to let property or commercial buildings against potential risks, including damage, litigation, and loss of contents. The insurance assures you financial assistance when managing claims and repairing your property. If you want to compare landlord insuranceselect Get Quotes below.

MultiQuoteTime Ltd Does not recommend any insurance companies. It is important that the property owner satisfies themselves that they are getting the cover they need for their own personal circumstances – undervaluation may affect the settlement in the event of claims.

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