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Taxi Insurance for Uber Drivers

Protect uber taxi service today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

  • Private Hire Insurance
  • Young Drivers covered
  • Pay as you go food delivery  quotes
  • Insurance for all UK taxi hail apps
  • Uber and ZEGO driver cover
  • Convicted drivers (motoring and criminal convictions)

What is private hire Uber insurance?

Private hire Uber insurance is required in the UK since Uber does not provide any type of insurance for the vehicles of their drivers. For those from America, they know it is different there where Uber does provide insurance for the vehicles of their drivers.

Due to the popularity of the ridesharing company Uber, some refer to this type of cover as Uber insurance, but it is just private hire taxi insurance. This level of this professional cover protects not only the vehicles involved in an accident but also the paying passengers in the Uber vehicle.

What is the difference between the Uber private hire taxi and a regular taxi?

uber drver insurance uk

It is true both take passengers to their desired destinations for reward, but it is how the customers choose the taxi is where the difference lies. A taxi can be hailed by a customer on the street or curb. The private hire and Uber taxi drivers have to be contacted in advance by a customer via a dispatcher or app for them to be picked up.

What is in the Private hire Uber insurance policy?

There are two types of cover the Uber driver will need to be legally operating on the roads in the UK. These types include road risk and public liability cover.

Road risk cover is the same type of financial protection all vehicles are required to have to be legal on the road in the UK. The three levels of cover include the following;

  • Third party
  • Third party fire and theft
  • Comprehensive

Public liability cover is financial protection for the driver if a claim is made against them while they are working as a taxi driver. Types of claims include an injury or death of a third party due to suspected recklessness of the driver in their actions while operating the vehicle when helping customers into the vehicle or while loading the luggage. This protection includes legal expenses involved in fighting the claim along with any settlement agreed too.

Are there any optional covers that can be added to a private hire Uber insurance policy?

The most common option for a Uber driver to have on their private hire taxi policy is taxi breakdown cover. This type of protection has several different levels of services that can be offered. The following include what types of services are available.

  • Roadside assistance if the taxi breaks down while on a road in the UK.
  • A for hire vehicle is dispatched to the location of the breakdown or accident so the passengers can be taken to their destination with as little delay as possible.
  • Cover in Europe if the destination is located there.
  • The taxi will be recovered and taken to a garage where repairs will be made.
  • Repair assistance can include the home address of the policyholder.
  • The number of callouts can be unlimited. What has to be noted is that each callout has to be unique, no second call out for the same problem.

How many seats for passengers can the vehicle have?

The standard private hire Uber insurance policy is designed for a vehicle that has 4 seats for passengers and 1 for the driver. For Uber drivers that operate minivans or another type of vehicle that has more than 4 open seats for passengers to occupy, special policies for that type of vehicle need to be taken out so the vehicle and passengers will be covered.

Private hire Uber insurance has the same components as a standard vehicle has with the addition of public liability. When taking out the policy it must be disclosed that the vehicle is to be used by a Uber driver for the cover to be valid.