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Guide to Leicester Taxi Insurances 

As a taxi or private hire driver in Leicester, we understand if your vehicle is off the road following an accident, then this can cost you money. Any delays in processing your claim will only magnify any loss in earnings. To protect your earnings potential, it is important to have the right cover in place to protect you and your vehicle and ensure that your taxi vehicle is back on the road or if required a suitable replacement vehicle is provided. 

For taxi drivers in near Leicester and in Leicester, we understand your taxicab is your job. Making sure that your taxi insurance is tailored to your needs is essential – as your income depends on it!.

MultiQuoteTime can provide you with access to a range of specialist Leicester private hire and taxi insurance providers.  As specialist providers that are also able to tailor a policy to meet your taxi or private hire requirements.

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Cover for all categories of taxi vehicles 

Cover is available for all vehicle types that are used within the taxi and private hire sector and include :

  • Mini Cab : When you need to compare quotes online quickly for your minicab insurance premium.
  • Public hire insurance is one of the main categories of taxi insurance, also referred to in London as PCO car insurance.
  • Chauffeur : Chauffeur insurance is available for those that provide a chauffeur or limousine service. If you have more than one limo a chauffeur fleet insurance policy could work out cheaper than having individual polices. 
  • The private hire taxi sector has seen rapid growth. Private hire drivers can not be flagged down as they must be prebooked. They have a slightly different risk profile and a range of polices exits including PHV insurance with flexible payment terms
  • If you own or operate a fleet of taxis in Leicester or private hire vehicles, it may be time to look at taxi fleet insurance policy. 
  • Taxis and minibus taxi's that have been modified for wheelchair access 

Levels of taxi insurance available

Similar to taxi insurance in Leeds and other UK and NI locations, taxi cover in Leicester is available at 3 levels, as we have detailed below:

  • Comprehensive is the highest level of cover that is available. This schedule covers damage to third parties, plus cover damages to your own property and self.
  • Third party with Fire and Theft  In addition to third party cover is also provided for for and theft.
  • Third party is the legal minimum cover required by the UK law. This cover does not provide any protection for damage to your own taxi or private hire vehicle or any injures to oneself resulting from an accident.

In additional to the road risk cover, taxi polices should also include public liability insurance for taxi drivers, to protect against claims by passengers or otyet members of the public as you go about your business 

Key Names for UK Taxi Insurance 

Many insurance providers offer taxi insurance, some like Freeway taxi insurance  have been providing taxi and private hire cover for over 20 years and include public liability, legal costs, windscreen cover and zero excess option Below we have complied a list of taxi insurance brokers.

Steps to cheaper Leicester Taxi Insurance

Insurance companies work out the cost of Cardiff taxi insurance based on a number of factors. Below we have highlighted some factors and any possible steps to consider to help lower the costs of Cardiff taxi driver insurance, but is applicable to all taxi drivers

  • Comparing quotes:  This for many is the first step in the process of finding cheaper taxi insurance in Cambridge. Please be aware that some brokers may not offer their rates on some of these sites, so it may pay to visit individual broker sites. Different companies work out the insurance cost based on a number of factors, but the weight they apply can and odes vary, so it's always wise to get a range of quotes.
  • Pay your policy yearly: If you are currently paying monthly, consider paying your policy as a one-off payment should bring down the cost of your annual premium.
  • Taxi Security: If you have fitted any safety / security items from Thatcham, please insure you advise your broker, as this could result in savings on your premium. If not, adding extra security devices can bring down the costs of cover
  • Consider Fleet Cover: If you have a fleet of cabs as a business, it is generally more cost-effective with less administration task to purchase a taxi fleet insurance cover. Fleet policies will provide protection for all your vehicles under one easy to administer policy.
  • Black Box: Even for taxi drivers, adding or complying with the insurance company telemetric request can help significantly lower the cots of Cardiff taxi or private hire insurance( if the data is favourable ) 
  • Switch off Auto Renew : Rather than auto-renew, use the renewal time to see what else is available, or change the style of your policy to possibly pay as you go taxi insurance or insure by the mile. 

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Taxi Insurance Leicester FAQ's

Does my taxi insurance cover me for driving other cars?

Taxi insurance provides cover only for the vehicles listed on the policy, not for other vehicles. For other vehicles, you will need to either get them included or take out a separate policy.

Can I pay my taxi insurance monthly?

Most brokers are flexible when it comes to arranging payment terms. However, choosing monthly payments may include extra interest charges.

Is public liability insurance included?

Most taxi policies will include public liability as standard, but exceptions do exist, so check your policy wording. It can always be added or taken out as a separate item.

Is Taxi breakdown cover available as a standalone policy?

Yes, this can be bought as a separate policy or bundled into your taxi insurance policy.

What are the qualifying Criteria For Taxi Insurance in Leicester

Taxi Insurance Leicester is available to those that meet the following criteria

  • Age above 22
  • Have a Taxi Driver Licence
  • Quotes Available for newly qualified taxi drivers
  • Quotes also available for taxi drivers with convictions
  • Quotes also available for modified taxis
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