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Guide to Manchester Taxi and Private Hire Insurance

By Eamonn Turley
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Nov 2023

Every taxi driver in Manchester needs insurance, and here's why. In 2022, Manchester recorded an annual average daily traffic flow (AADF) of 89,274, and taxis were responsible for 61,302 of the total flow. Data also shows that taxis travelled 1.3 billion miles on Manchester roads in 2022, and during this time, 528 road accidents and 643 casualties were reported.

This implies that as taxi drivers spend most of their time on the road, they are more prone to incidents that may affect their source of income, and this is where Manchester taxi insurance comes in. Manchester taxi insurance is a dedicated insurance product designed to cater to the unique needs of taxi drivers. This insurance offering typically protects you and your vehicle covers your legal liability, and pays others for accidents that you cause them.v

What is the difference between Manchester taxi insurance and standard car insurance?

Taxi insurance is different from standard car insurance because it safeguards you from specific risks arising due to:

  • Usage: Taxi insurance is designed for vehicles used to transport passengers for hire and reward, which includes public hire (like black cabs) and private hire (like minicabs).
  • Mileage: Taxi drivers accumulate higher mileage than private cars.
  • Public Liability: Taxi drivers have regular contact with the public and are responsible for passengers' safety.
  • Driving condition: Navigating stressful driving situations and heavy traffic.
  • Unsociable Hours: Many taxi journeys occur during unsociable hours, such as late nights and early mornings.
  • Vehicle Types: Different types of taxis require specific insurance coverage.
  • Cost: Taxi insurance tends to be more expensive than standard car insurance due to the increased risks and coverage specific to the taxi industry.

Insurers take these into account and provide coverage that is adequate for the level of risk associated with the job.

What types of taxi insurance are available in Manchester?

Taxi insurance in Manchester is broadly categorised into the following groups:

1. Public Hire Taxi Insurance

If you operate a taxi that is licensed to pick up passengers on the road and your services are not booked in advance, then you need public hire cab insurance. Public hire vehicles are sometimes referred to as black cabs, and they can wait at taxi ranks to carry passengers.

2. Private Hire Taxi Insurance

This offers protection for professional drivers who transport pre-booked passengers or deliver food and parcels in exchange for payment. Ride-hailing and ride-sharing taxi operators like Bolt fall under this category.

3. Taxi Liability Insurance

This protects you and your taxi business against claims of damage or injury made by someone in your care. These property damage or accidents may occur while passengers are entering, inside, or leaving your vehicle. Additionally, if needed, this insurance can be extended to cover your taxi premises.

Remember breakdown cover

Some policies don’t include breakdown cover for your taxi vehicle. You can compare the best policies for taxi breakdown cover separately on our website.

Who provides taxi insurance Manchester?

LV taxi insurance whilst associated with Liverpool taxi insurance also provide cover for all UK authorities. Some main providers including Acorn taxi insurance are based in Manchester, so they should be on your list when searching for the best deal on Manchester taxi and private hire insurance.

Because of the surge in private hire drivers, most high street insurance agents can provide you with this type of cover, but also check out the specialists providers in this niche. These include Haven taxi insurance, Bells, Freeways, Westminster, Paton's, Aviva taxi insurance and Haven amongst others.

What Covers does taxi insurance Manchester offer?

There are three levels of cover available to cab drivers, namely:

Third party

Third-party cover: Is the basic legal cover that insures against loss you cause to others, but doesn't pay for your own damages This basic taxi cover will not cover the repair or replacement of your own taxi vehicle following fire, theft or accident.

Third party Fire and Theft

Third-party, fire, and theft cover: Is the second level of coverage that includes all the benefits of the third-party cover and also protects you in cases of vehicle loss from fire or theft.


Comprehensive cover: Is the highest level of cover that includes all the offerings in previous options and also protects against damage to you and your cab, even if the accident was your fault.

How to find the best taxi insurance in Manchester

Finding the best insurance policy depends on your unique situation, your budget, and the type of coverage you want. However, comparing quotes from different insurance providers can be a great way to know the insurer whose offerings align with your needs. 

What is PHV Insurance?

This is a form of insurance specific to private hire drivers, drivers that must be prebooked. A private hire vehicle insurance policy or PHV insurance provides cover to the growing number of drivers in this service sector. If you are a taxi driver and can be hailed down, then you need taxi insurance. The panel can provide comparative quotes for both types of insurance. If you operate more than one taxi, consider taxi fleet insurance, which should lower your insurance costs.   

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