7 of the Best Taxi Apps UK

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Most of the 7 best taxi apps listings still has Uber at the top as viewed by most, but with their pending court case determining if their licence will be renewed in London, you might want to get to know the other ride-share providers and their apps. They all provide relatively the same service, it is just their names are not as well known. All the below apps are available free for download. Which ever app that you choose, you will need private hire insurance. We can offer you quotes for monthly private hire insuranceprivate and other top taxi app service providers within the UK.

1.      Bolt

Midway through last year, the old Taxify ride share service was got their licence back and launched the all new Bolt ride share services. With their app, you can send for a regular car to fit 1 to 4 people, go for the larger vehicle that can fit up to 6 which is the XL service or go Executive for a higher quality car for your trip. Their base charges are £2.50, £3.50 and £4.00 respectively.

2.      Gett

This is the rebranded GetTaxi app that can provide you with a black cab or limo in just minutes. While the ride and services are better than what most other apps have available, they are also more expensive. Last Christmas when they slashed their fares it went to a base of £5.00.

3.      ViaVan

This is a rides hare app with a twist. They deploy Mercedes-Benz vans and pick up more than one rider, all of whom are going in the same direction across London. They pick up their clients on designated street corners instead of door to door service to help speed the transportation of them to the final destination. Their base price begins at £3.00.

4.      Kabbee

This relatively new rides hare app is getting a foothold in the London area by providing lower costs for trips than most other apps. They claim to be 65% cheaper than black cab fares, and all fares are fixed. They also provide a free 30-minute waiting if your meeting is going to be very short. Unlike most other ride-share services, you can pay this one in cash.

5.      Kapten

Since being introduced last year, Kapten has saturated the London market with advertising, aiming to replace Uber as the top ride share company. Their app is easy to use, and some rides are for as little as £5.00. Their base price is £2.50 and provides service to all 5 zones. As part of their marketing campaign, they offer discounted rides by you enter discount codes when calling for a ride. This code keeps changing, but is widely advertised on the internet.

6.      ComCab

This app connects you with the largest fleet of black cabs in London. They first began providing services in 1974 well before the On-Demand lifestyle began. They offer a base fare of £2.60 per mile up to 6 miles, then the fare changes to £3.70 per mile. This is the black cab service for those on very short trips. They have 2,500 cabs in London that can easily be reached via their app when you need a ride.

7.      Addison Lee

This is a taxi service that has been around for more than 40 years and has become the choice for Londoners who need a minicab fast. Their app is ultra easy to use and makes it possible for on-demand pick up or booking a ride up to 3 months in advance. Their minimum fare is £7.50 with fixed fares so that you know the cost even during peak hours.

For those needing a ride in London, these 7 best taxi apps can provide easy, seamless access so that you can be transported to your destination. Most of the black cab and ride-share services keep updating their apps, so using them is easy instead of a chore. Getting a taxi is easier than ever before – just ensure your driver has Uber taxi insurance or private hire taxi insurance.

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