Best 5 Electric Cars for Private Hire Drivers

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Operating and maintaining a vehicle can be expensive. Yet it can be a successful business venture or career becoming a private hire driver. With the world now paying more and more attention to how we operate and how it affects the planet, electric cars are the future. It is proven that an electric vehicle is cheaper than petrol or diesel car, as the low running costs are the biggest incentive for all to switch to an electric vehicle.

Luckily, with all big brands of automotive companies focusing on electric or hybrid vehicles, it has meant for the consumer or business owner that there are more affordable electric vehicles out there than ever before. With the UK’s juggernaut taxi service Uber recently publishing their findings that more than 90% of new car drivers on the app are electric compared to 12% joining the general population, it’s no wonder more and more Private Hire drivers are going electric. When choosing your private car pay attention to the Electric car insurance bracket, the lower the bracket the lower your final private hire insurance premium

best private hire ev cars

More passengers are seeking a greener ride for the planet and with petrol and diesel costs going through the roof for drivers, it may be your time to start looking at Electric. Let’s look at the top 5 that are popping up in polls across the United Kingdom.

MG5 EV Exclusive Estate Car

Offers 250-280 miles on a single charge. Comfortable seats, spacious room, advanced infotainment system and a stylish exterior. From £30,940.

Kia E-Niro 2 Long Range Car

Offers 282 miles on single charge. Faster charging times, Blind spot detection, rear cross traffic alerts and a large cargo space meaning more room to pack more bags! From £34,945.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Offers 230 miles on a single charge. Sleek design with cutting edge technology that puts all of the car’s information and controls at your fingertips on a touch screen display. From £43,150.

Skoda Enyaq iV 60

265 miles on a single charge. High speed charging with 80% in just one hour, heated seats and steering wheel with cruise control and lane assist. From £37,815.

Nissan Leaf e+ Tekna

168 miles on a single charge. Modern design and ideal for city driving with ProPilot semi-autonomous driving and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility. From £36,390. Insurance is another consideration, expect to pay more for Electric car insurance as these cars cost more, take Nissan Leaf insurance as an example but in time prices should subside. 

All these vehicles offer good value for money, plenty of mileage and low emissions that will help reduce pollution and save money on fuel costs. Electric vehicles are going to become the norm as we progress further through the 21st century. With the higher mileage to single charge being pushed more and more as newer electric vehicles come out and the charging infrastructure around the United Kingdom growing too, Electric is changing people’s buying habits, to become the first option rather than second or third any more. If you are looking for an affordable electric vehicle that is perfect for your private hire company or as a taxi driver, I hope the above has helped give you more insight into the affordable reality of electric cars. It’s your time to start saving for your pocket as well as the planet.

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