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Most of the 7 best taxi apps listings still has Uber at the top as viewed by most, but with their pending court case determining if their license will be renewed in London, you might want to get to know the other rideshare providers and their apps. They all provide relatively the same service, it is just their names are not as well known.

It’s been estimated that here In the UK the taxi industry is worth just over £9 billion and there’s no one company that has a major share of this. This right here is the main reason that many technology-geared companies are very keen on moving in hopefully profit from this opportunity. It’s a fact that Google has recently invested $333 million in Uber and $77 million in Hailo.

The profession of the taxi driver is a regulated profession. It is necessary to respect all the required conditions and to take special steps to set up a business in this sector of activity. Obtaining a professional card and a taxi license are essential prerequisites for setting up your taxi business.

Immediately following a road accident, injuries may be severe, and there is better than average chance that emotions will be high. There are several things that must be done at the scene of the accident and shortly thereafter. Whilst we are proud supports of Brake road safety charity and driving with consideration and adhering to rules of the road will reduce tarffic accidents.

Should you find yourself in the market for private hire taxi insurance or hire and reward insurance for your private hire taxi, you more than likely have noticed that the rates for this can be a bit more expensive than that of conventional coverage for a passenger vehicle. This is due to a few easy to understand reasons.

The new Uber Direct service now provides a means for people to order and get their medicines and other supplies while staying home during the current pandemic lockdown. This new service is being provided by the same drivers that once took people to their destinations who are now sitting idle due to the current protective measures where people are now isolating themselves in their homes.

What cars are the best for private hire drivers? This is a question many of the taxi, chauffeurs and rideshare drivers have thought about since they entered the business of transporting people. In the beginning, each driver uses what they already own, but in time a decision has to be made whether to make the customers more comfortable or use a more economical vehicle. 

By knowing the private hire taxi driver tax breaks, you can reduce your tax burden and increase your revenue stream. This knowledge will help you navigate the complex tax laws so you can avoid fines from the HMRC for listing items on your self assessment form that should not be there.

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