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Guide To Chauffeur insurance

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August 2023

If you use a luxury or expensive vehicles to drive people around, then you need chauffeur Insurance. This type of policy provides cover for the driver and the expensive vehicle plus occupants being chauffeured.

Why is Chauffeur insurance expensive?

Chauffeur insurance can be expensive given that typically vehicles used for chauffeuring are luxury. This puts them in the high insurance bracket, making your premiums more expensive than standard cars. You can save money by doing some ground work and comparing providers that specialise in providing this type of cove. We are able to start you on that path by providing you with multiple quotes from a panel of select UK insurers. If you are an Uber driver, you will need private hire insurance Uber, which is aimed at Uber drivers.

Chauffeur insurance is a specific type of insurance

If you are providing a chauffeur service, in essence you are providing a private hire service. This type of service must be pre booked and unlike typical taxi insurance, you can not provide a service unless it has been pre booked. The distinction from private hire insurance is that it is geared towards drivers of luxury vehicles. Limos and Rolls-Royce being two typical examples.

Typical Vehicles used for Chauffeur Services

The question is often asked if any vehicle can be used as a chauffeur vehicle, thus requiring this special type of insurance. In short, it would ultimately depend on the type of vehicle you own. Typically, owner driver vehicles such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, and BMW are used. These brands are used not only for their comfort and size, but for the prestige they offer to the client.

Levels of Chauffeur Insurance Available

Most Insurance companies will let you choose from basic third party, the legal minimum, to fully comprehensive.  

Third party

Third party cover provides the minimum level of cover required by law. It also the most basic and will only cover damage to the vehicle or property of the third party. This basic prestige private hire cover will leave you to pay for your own repairs if your high end luxury vehicle is damaged.  Choosing comprehensive cover would cover your expenses.

Third party Fire and Theft

This level of cover provides minimum third party cover, but will pay out for the repair of your own vehicle if it’s damaged by fire or for the cost of replacement vehicle if your prestige vehicle is stolen.


This level of chauffeur insurance cover includes all of the above plus damage to your own chauffeur vehicle, even if you were found to be the cause of the accident. 

Am I able to drive other cars on my chauffeur insurance policy?

The policy will provide cover for the chauffeur vehicle only, some insurance providers may allow you to also use the vehicle for personal use, but please check with your provider. The insurance does not cover you to drive other cars.

In addition to Chauffeur Insurance, you should consider including

  • Public liability insurance : This will provide protection against any customer claims from a customer should they suffer an injury or damage to their property in the car. This will normally be included as standard. Please do check that it has not been omitted.2
  • Personal use cover : If you intend using your limo for personal use not work, then you will need to take out this type of cover as an add-on or an extra.
  • Legal Expenses : This is becoming a popular addition to road risk cover, given the increase in the number of uninsured motorists. The cover will help you pay legal fees if you need to pursue a third party for damages or defend your chauffeur business from a fraudulent claim. 

Why Use Comparative Websites When Searching for Chauffeur Insurance?

Most high street brokers specialise in standard personal insurance items home insurance and pay month car insurance for example, when it comes to cover a chauffeur vehicle sit is best to seek out chauffeur insurance specialists.

  • Choice of Fully Comprehensive : This is the highest level of chauffeur insurance available, allowing claims to be made regardless of fault. Naturally it is more expensive than both third party and third party plus fire and theft. The decision on which type of cover can be difficult and needs consideration of the price to replace the vehicle should the need arise. Ask question such as can the business afford to cover that cost without impacting day to day operating costs.
  • Individual Payment Options: If you wish, you may choose monthly cover or quarterly instead of annually. Whilst brokers will provide PHV monthly insurance, it will in most cases be more expensive than a one off annual payment. However, the monthly option may be suitable if you only operate the service a few months per year.
  • Documentation Stored Online: Many providers offer instant documentation on completion of insurance purchase. In addition, these documents are stored and available online via secure document service sites. As such, if you have internet access, you can access the details of your policy easily at any time.
  • Easy Comparison of Insurance Policies The list of offers will be presented in a manner that will enable you to easily compare the positives and negatives of the various quotes received, that is results will be presented collectively in order to let you easily draw a comparison and arrive quickly at an insurance package that meets fully with you or business cover requirements.

Take Steps To Reduce The Cost of Chauffeur Insurance?

No Claims Bonus

If you drive safely and avoid taking risks, you will have greatly reduced your likelihood ob being the cause of a road accident. Over time, this will lead a  driving history with no or few claims. This will lead to cheaper quote than if you had numerous insurance claims    

Adjust your voluntary excess

All insurance polices will have an excess, Most providers of insurance will reduce the premium in return for you taking responsibility for higher voluntary excess. Just keep in mind that this is the amount that you will be liable for in the event of any claim.

Get Quotes from specialist providers of chauffeur driver insurance

Need help finding cheap chauffeur insurance cover? Click here to get comparative quotes from insurance providers that specialise in providing cover for chauffeur drivers, including drivers with penalty points for speeding or other driving convictions.

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